Happy National Strawberry/Kahlua Day!!

So, February 27th, 2018 is National Strawberry Day and National Kahua Day… So, why not mix the 2 things together?


I know that we may not be in a time where we’re thinking of these fun ingredients. Our brains are on: Snow, Rain, Stress, Jobs, Etc. But, it’s the perfect time to think of these fun ingredients!! When we get a moment, everyone should enjoy some relaxation!

I was going to the grocery store for this holiday thinking.. “strawberries aren’t even in season here..what’s the point??” but, I bought those strawberries, I melted that chocolate, I dipped that strawberry, I filled it with CHILI Kahlua…. I ate it all…. and I felt better. Now is the time to enjoy the things we feel we shouldn’t be enjoying at this time of year… whatever that is where you are in this world!

Everyone deserves a day to focus on themselves!







So on to my recipe to enjoy any day you get the chance to relax!




  • strawberries
  • semi sweet chocolate
  • Coffee Liqueur (or I used chili Liqueur)


  1. Take your strawberry and scoop out some of the core (i used the handle side of a spoon because its narrow and easy to cut and scoop…I’m not fancy)
  2. Cut off a little of the bottom if you don’t have anything to hold it up (to make it flat, so it stands)
  3. Melt chocolate in a sauce pan at low heat
  4. When chocolate has melted, dip strawberry (or if you melted a small bit take a spoon back and dip it the chocolate and drizzle on the strawberry)
  5. Put in fridge to chill for a few minutes
  6. Fill with coffee liqueur
  7. CHEERS!!


18 thoughts on “Happy National Strawberry/Kahlua Day!!

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  1. Oh Yum! Strawberries are in season here and very nice they are and I am sure they would be even nicer with some chilli liqueur…I am sure I can find a recipe somewhere…Mr google here I come 😉

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