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Thank you to Shalini and Digital Reads Blog Tours for having me on the tour!!


On a drizzly August morning, the inhabitants of the hill town of Sanover, Himachal Pradesh, wake up to the shocking news of the murder of the exquisite, secretive, malicious, and thoroughly immoral Devika Singh.

As Superintendent of Police Vishwanath Sharma begins to sift through the hidden secrets of Devika Singh’s life, it becomes evident that everyone who knew her seems to have a clear-cut motive for killing her.

Faced with the investigation of a crime that appears to have as many suspects as there are motives, Vishwanath Sharma probes the sinister web spun around a tangle of lies and deception.

My Thoughts

A murder mystery with multiple POVs told from the point of whoever is the focus at that time; the jilted wife, the servant who found the body, the investigator, a new receptionist in the hospital… It always seemed to be different, which was both intriguing and unique, and confusing at times, as each new chapter had me trying to situate myself again and figure out where I was and with whom.

Some of the descriptions and feeling were very accurate, in my opinion,

“The memory of the morning when she had lost her last unborn child came to her. Strangely, the only thing she remembered was the hospital bed, the room, the distinctive hospital smell of that day. The vivid details of that morning , of those days , weeks, and months afterwards did not come to her. Her mind acknowledged there was a horrible pain, an agonizing affliction , an ache in her heart for months; throbbing and unbearable at the beginning, but dulling gradually with time—yet it never went away completely. Although she couldn’t recall the exact intensity of her grief , the knowledge that this sorrow had shadowed her life at that time was sorted, documented, and locked up somewhere in her mind’s registry with other memories.”

Others were unnecessarily long and repetitive, like a page and a half talking about the “bruising on the windpipe. We get it, she was strangled.

Everything could have been cleaned up a little more to make situations more clear, and transitions a little less disjointed.

Neena instilled a great amount of culture into the book. It was great to learn many Punjabi words (which, I don’t feel were too much. I was worried that I was going to get lost with them, but a lot of them were clothing items and such that can usually be skipped over if you really wanted to, but I found it very interesting, and there is a Glossary at the end to help you with any that you don’t know, or can’t figure out.) The book is set in the 70s which I found interesting, but I wish that I knew more about how things were now to see any difference in the family structures and culture.

All in all, a fairly interesting and thrilling read.

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Author Bio

tied to deceit author

Neena H. Brar lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, two children, a highly energetic German Shepherd, and a lifetime collection of her favorite books.

A hermit at heart, she’s a permissive mother, a reluctant housekeeper, a superb cook, and a hard-core reader.

Tied to Deceit is her debut novel.




Tied to Deceit is Best Served with an Affair Cockatil




  • 2 oz. (60ml) Strawberry Liqueur
  • 2 oz. (60ml) Orange Juice
  • 2 oz. (60ml) Cranberry Juice
  • Club Soda
  • Garnish: Orange Slice, Strawberry


  1.  Build in an ice filled collins glass.
  2. Garnish with orange slice and a strawberry.
  3. CHEERS!!

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  2. WordPress is being annoying again, as your post again did not show up in the reader!! Really why?? (Shakes fist at the heavens 😂). Anyways….it will come as no big suprise that I thought this was another great review. While I don’t know if this is a book that I would necessarily enjoy, I did like the concept of it. But seeing as my to read list is currently way too full, for a change I am not adding this to the list (yes, I am pretty shocked about that as well 😂).
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      8. This sounds totally rad!!! 😍😍😍😍 I’m soooo going to be checking it out!!! ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉. I’m loving the way you describe this..and with the use of all these emoticons…🤪🤪🤪🤪 Oh man…WOOOHOOOOOO i’m going to TOTALLY add this to my to read list!! AWESOMENESSSSSSSSS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  3. Emojis for president! (Now I just depressed myself because one my present president predicament). 😂 Wonderful review, Nicole! I think it’s interesting how the culture was used in a thriller, and I love how you highlighted that. It sounds like the author has a lot of promise. And that drink! Swoon! 🍹 Strawberry liqueur where have you been all my life!

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    1. I’m in the midst of trying to switch jobs… Giving up a full time position I’ve been at for 14 years to go back to school and trying to get a part-time job to help pay for the brain meltingly expensive schooling. I handed in my résumé at a brewery and the guy working seemed to think they would REALLY be interested in me!! (he went in the back right then and there to call and manager to see if she could come in to talk to me immediately! She wasn’t available, but he was trying to set something up with me and asked when I was available. I’m, of course, working about 8 days in a row at my current job and told him after 6 the next day (yesterday) I was available to come talk to her…. No one ever called. 😔 Come on, Fraggle. A BREWERY!! IT’S PERFECT!! 😂🍻

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      1. Hey, nothing wrong with starting with the best!! (I say when I haven’t read any on Robbie’s books… YET!! But, I love Robbie and her poems on her blog are PHENOMENAL!! So, I just assume. I can’t wait to read “while the bombs fell”. So different for her and it sounds FANTASTIC!!

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      2. Oh! That Robbie!! That’s good too!! Ha ha!! I know that Robbie Cheadle ‘s book is on Jay’ s list for the read-a-thon too!! 😂😂 Too many Robbies!!! If you see this Robbie Yates, I LOVE YOU, TOO! And I’m totally picking up both of your books even though you’re WAY too far away and I can’t get them signed!! 😉😂😂

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  4. Good points there, Jenn! I agree with you, the overly descriptive writing and scarcity of dialogue put me off to sleep. It was interesting to read about one part of an Indian society and wasn’t lacking in juicy drama but it could’ve fared better with more editing reduction of words.

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      1. Ha ha!! No worries! There are WAY TOO MANY people too keep track of on here! I was just saying to my man that I need to make up a list with everyone’s blogs and names on it so I know who I should check on when I’m out stalking… I mean checking blogs. 😉😂I’m always missing people!

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  5. What a gorgeous illustration on the cover!!! :O And I love books that work in words/phrases from another language seamlessly – it can be really clumsy and make it difficult to read, OR it can be really clever and enriching, which sounds like it’s the case here. Thank you for sharing, as always!! 😉

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