Far Side Friday!

Welcome back, everyone, to another Far Side Friday!!!

I saw the first comic going up for this week and had to dedicate it to the lovely Kim over that By Hook or By Book who, no matter how many times I tell her, will never listen when I say that following Politics is bad for her health! Well, I think that you’ll get a kick out of this one, Kim!










Cheers!! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and because I haven’t posted it in a while, if any of you want to pick up your own copy of the Far Side Collection from Gary Larson, you can find it for purchase HERE!

39 thoughts on “Far Side Friday!

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    1. I went to the doctors this morning . Following politics has given me stage 3 Brain cancer . Cough* cough* Kim my last wish before I leave the earth is for you to… review. …… a …… dr. Chuck tingle novel.

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