Far Side Friday!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great week and I hope you all are in for a great weekend!! (If not, I hope this helps!













18 thoughts on “Far Side Friday!!!

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  1. Happy Friday Nicole! Haven’t been to active on WordPress
    The last two weeks have been spent in PJs coding, aggressively playing settlers of Catan, and watching Netflix.
    Since Wednesday am now back at work , settling back down this routine.

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      1. 😨😭 here here I’ll raise a glass to that !
        This year on WordPress I’d like to do a short story collab did you ever do those drawings when you were kid where one would draw the head, another would draw the body and the final kid would draw the legs all drawn without knowing what I’d come before what if there was a short story version of that.
        Somebody would come up with a character place and setting and then whoever was writing next would be given the final phrase or sentence it it ended on.

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