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Thank you to Shannon at Reads and Reel Book Tours for having me on the tour today!

5 out of 5 Stars


On golden Mediterranean sands, maverick doctor Scott Langbrook falls recklessly in love with his team leader, Fiyori Maziq. If only that was the extent of his falling, but Scott descends into the hellish clutches of someone much more sinister.

‘Just’ is a story of love and loss, of terror and triumph. Set in idyllic Cambridge and on the shores of the Med and Cornwall, our characters fight for their very lives on land and at sea.

An unforgettable novel which goes to the heart of our catastrophic times, and seeks salvation.

My Thoughts

“We’re just on a wheel. Like hamsters. We work, we run. We stitch people up. We save who we can. But there is a purity in work.”

Honestly….WTF did I “just” read? (pun ABSOLUTELY intended) I have THE BIGGEST book hangover I have ever had in my life. I really wish I had more time to process it before writing this review. But, such is life and I’ll try not to slather this page with TOO much nonsense from my, still addled, brain.

This book. It was one of the single most unique experiences of my life. I will be honest. I spent the first half of the book so confused my brain hurt, screaming “WHAT IS GOING ON?!” You start off like Alice on the wrong side of the looking glass, looking at snapshots of happenings, shards of a story. Scott is finding bodies in Libya, then suddenly he’s home. He’s in love, he’s broken hearted…. What is happening in between?? What is this all leading up to?! And yet, I couldn’t put it down! It’s strange that these fractured pieces of lives can still cause you to get so attached to these characters the fights, the heartbreak, the terror… My heart was breaking even as I still felt like an outsider, and I couldn’t understand WHY??

The book was a puzzle that I had to put together. I just wanted to call it up on my computer and start cutting and pasting it’s pieces to find some sense…. Yet, it didn’t need my help. I only had to bide my time. Am I making any sense??

It’s a story full of people trying to make sense of their existence, they’re choices, their shit lives, their loves…. Who is a mother without her child? Who is a man without love?

There were many times that I felt I was starting so grasp something, then the characters would start speaking in riddles and nonsense, I felt, to confuse me,

“People who had been hoping, yesterday or just hours ago, to live. At the very least, to live.”

“Before she had finished her sentence, the tea was brought in on a tray. Cheerful mugs brought from homes. The detainee was given the one with a Kellogg’s cockerel. “Will you be mother, Suzy Marchant?”“You’re a brave woman, Doctor Maziq. I’ll give you that. Foolish, doubtless, but brave. You’ll take sugar? Yes, you must.” Marchant pushed the mug into Fiyori’s two eager hands. “I am here to help, Fiyori. This is what people fail to understand about our work.”“I blame the Government.”“I do.”“I used to have a cool uniform like yours, Marchant. We all did at The Revolution Generation School. Stripes too. Only ours denoted what year we were in.””

The mother. Always the worst. Grab my chapeau will you, think I’m getting a frozen shoulder again.”She peered through the windscreen. “What colour would you say that sky was? Oyster water?”“You’re obsessed with the sky.”“Perhaps I shall paint when I retire.”“You’ll never retire. The sky can’t be oyster water. That’s too upside down.”“Upside down.”Renneker framed the sky between her thumbs and index fingers. “That’s what we’re about to do to her world. Take her pearl. Her treasure.”“Anyhows, you can’t get it twice, a frozen shoulder. You just get it the once.”

I had to give this book 5 stars, because, by my own admission and standard, 5 stars is a desert island book.. And I “Just” need this book in a desert island because I feel that I could read it 5 more times and still be learning more and trying to figure things out.

I should say, my favourite movie is called “Southland Tales” (don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it… I think that me and about 7 other people seems to be the only ones who have!) but, I think it’s why I love this book. I’ve seen that movie at least 10 times… But, if you asked me to explain what happens??? Well… Just, don’t. Ha ha!

Seriously, read this book for yourselves!! You will not regret it!!!!

PLEASE Pick up your Copy today!!

Amazon U.S

Amazon U.K


Author Bio

just author.png

Jenny is a novelist, screenplay writer, and playwright. After a series of ‘proper jobs’, she realized she was living someone else’s life and escaped to Gascony to make gîtes. Knee deep in cement and pregnant, Jenny was happy. Then autism and a distracted spine surgeon wiped out the order. Returned to wonderful England, to write her socks off.

Jenny would like to see the Northern Lights but worries that’s the best bit and should be saved till last. Very happily, and gratefully, settled with the family. She tries not to take herself too seriously.

Author Links:


Just is Best Served with a Broken Negroni (NEGRONI SBAGLIATO)



  • 1oz Campari
  • 1oz Prosecco
  • 1oz Sweet Vermouth


  1. Stir Campari, prosecco, and vermouth in a rocks glass filled with ice
  2. CHEERS!!


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35 thoughts on “Blog Tour- Just by Jenny Morton Potts

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    1. Ha ha ha!! Ya, I had a feeling that would be the reaction!… The ARCs for this one were sent out a little late, so I didn’t have time to process it and organize my thoughts… (JUST KIDDING!! I could NEVER organize my thoughts!!) 😂😂 but, seriously, this book was REALLY GOOD!! 💖

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    1. It has mystery, it has thrill… I actually think it IS your genre… The synopsis honestly doesn’t explain it well, and I probably didn’t either in my review… Too much to process too quickly. 😂😂 Its a great book, though! And I will ply you with alcohol ANY TIME, darlin!! 💖💖


  1. Hey, look who’s here!!!! Yay! ♥️ You came back with a bang- a totally pure, full of Nicole enthusiasm, 5 star read! I loved how you said it was like your favorite movie that you love, even if no one else does, and you can’t exactly describe why. I know exactly what you mean by that, and I adore it! The drink sounds yummy, too! 🥂

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  2. ooohhhh…five stars huh?? I like the sound of descending into the hellish clutches of someone lol 😂
    Don’t think I have ever had a book hangover, but then again I don’t think I have even ever had a normal hangover to begin with. Perhaps I should start with that first?? 🤔🤔
    Well….as always I just loved reading your review: it was awesome ❤️😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol….yeah, have to start getting that ticket…it’s pretty much inevitable now isn’t it 😂😂❤️❤️ 🥃🥃Glad you liked the book so much, it definitely showed througout this entire review 😊😊❤️

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