Juicy Lucy…. Misogyny in the ’50s and the Fred & Ethel Mystery #ILoveLucy #misogyny #cocktail

Hello All! So, I know that it's no longer technically "Women's History Month". But, pandemic. All rules are out the window in this Mad Max society. So, deal with it. I've been binge watching "I Love Lucy" and, being Women's History Month, I thought this was the perfect time for this post! First of all...... Continue Reading →

Sandition by Jane Austen and “Another Lady” #WomensHistoryMonth #BookReview

3.5 Stars out of 5 Synopsis From the publisher: Sanditon was Jane Austen's last novel, bequeathed unfinished to her niece. This is its completion, praised for its delicacy, wit and discretion. When Charlotte Heywood, eldest daughter of a family of fourteen, is invited to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Parker of Sanditon, she accepts with... Continue Reading →

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