Ocean of Secrets by Sofie Chan

2 out of 5 Stars First, I am going to apologize for the following crappy screenshots.... and by "screenshots" I mean I LITERALLY took pictures of my computer screen as I could only get this manga in PDF format and couldn't properly show it off. Ha ha! *For all of you first time manga readers... Continue Reading →

The Ghost, The Owl by Franco and Sara Richard

4 out of 5 Stars Thank you to Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors for an allowing me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis On a cool evening on the swamp, a figure appears dancing across the water. A human figure, but far from a human form. A Ghost, a young girl... Continue Reading →

Let’s get THEATRICAL With Fire!

4 out of 5 Stars What would you do if you lost everything? I you were at the end of your rope and the bottom of your bottle. That is what happened to Broadway actor Rudy Burns. One night, everything was taken from him. His only option? To become someone else entirely. To REALLY put... Continue Reading →

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank…

5 out of 5 Stars!! I loved this graphic novel!! 4 nerdy, misfit, Dungeons and Dragons playing kids (Paige,Stretch, Berger and Walter) get sucked in to a plot to rob a bank to save Paiges' father from doing it. It's illustrations and dialogue are written almost like an 80's friend flick (like Sandlot or Goonies)... Continue Reading →

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