“If you Sit on my Lap Today, a kiss and a toy is the Price You’ll Pay…”

I decided that it was Finally time to get in some Christmas movies! I haven't had time all season, so I was putting my foot down and getting it done! My man and I have a collection of all the animated classics, Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch.... they're all there! There is also "Santa Claus is... Continue Reading →

But I Digress… Who is the Top 40 of your Lordy, Lordy, Lordy

 *This is just a funny post. It is not meant to be offensive or religious in ANY WAY! It's just a "I wonder" kind of scenario I had on a slightly drunken, beautiful summer day (Sad that I have to put this warning...)*  In saying that.... LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!! I was listening my old... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: Part 3- The BookWorm Drinketh Does Oktoberfest!

In case you missed my prior posts on my trip to Munich, feel free to check them out!! Part 1: The Architecture Part 2: The BrauHauses Well, now the most important post.... I GOT TO GO TO OKTOBERFEST!!!! Have I mentioned "Best Boss EVER"?? Well..... BEST. BOSS. EVER. (I know he'll never see this, so... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 2- The BrauHauses

How do you visit Germany without hitting some amazing historic Breweries?? YOU DON'T!! First up was Hofbrauhaus in Old Town! It's funny how unassuming all of the buildings are! Every time we went to check out a new brauhaus the outside would look so boring, while the inside would be so beautiful and enormous! Most... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 1- The Architecture

Hello All!!! Well, I'm back in business and I'm going to be visiting all of you again! I'VE MISSED YOU ALL!!! So, be prepared for some crazy Nicole antics on ALL of your blogs! Well, as "The BookWorm Drinketh", I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go somewhere with some of the BEST BEER IN... Continue Reading →

But, I Digress… Beautiful People “in Love”

Hello All! It's been a good while since I've had a good and proper "But, I Digress..." rant, so I thought I would get back to it! I've been reading a lot of romance novels lately... Must be the season. But, reading so many in a row has me a little disheartened. Why is it... Continue Reading →

What the F@*k?! The Question of Profanity (This post may offend some delicate sensibilities)

I have, as of late, been trying to figure out people rating profanity. As in, one "bad word" is worse than all the rest. T.V stations that will bleep out one word but not another, people who will say some things but view other's as taboo. My clearest recollection of an instance like this was... Continue Reading →

But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 3: Do you Have Any Holiday Traditions?

I promise that this is the last one, but I had to put this post up after binge watching WAY TOO MANY Hallmark movies (even though there is no such things as too many!). This is a strange Holiday Season for me... New job, my parents have moved away, etc. So, it doesn't look as... Continue Reading →

But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 2: Finding Families? Or Pimping out Children?

Welcome back to another But I Digress.... Hallmark Christmas Movie Edition!! Man, the deep questions that these movies cause me to ask!! Question #2 came from My One Christmas Wish   Seriously, am I getting jaded? I used to watch these movies and just take them for what they were. Now, I keep questioning things!... Continue Reading →

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