Etiquette & Espionage: Steampunk Read-a-Thon

Hello All, I'm taking part in a Read-a-Thon of the "Finishing School Series" by Gail Carriger run by Mary at Sophril Reads. Please go and check out her review as well! 3.5 out of 5 Stars First, let's set the Mood... Might I recommend.... Synopsis It's one thing to learn to curtsy properly. It's... Continue Reading →

What Exactly IS Guy Trash??

So, this book was my  Mistletoe pick for my 'The Perks of Being a Book Addict' Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I am actually going to skip a review this time though as I have being reviewing mediocre romance novels TO DEATH this month. This isn't usually even my genre! (not that I don't like a good... Continue Reading →

A Deal With The Devil Never Felt So….Weird.

        3 out of 5 Stars So, this was my Gingerbread Man for my December Holiday Reading Challenge (A book from a male point of view) Told from the point of view of Billy Ridgeway a struggling, would be, writer who's life is about to change in many very weird ways... I had such... Continue Reading →

December Holiday Reading Challenge!!

Hi All!! I've started a December Holiday Reading Challenge Thanks to Kristie from the Goodreads Book Club "The Perks of Being A Book Addict"  I figured I would post the challenge here so It will explain my review choices for the month SO YOU CAN ALL JOIN IN! So, here's how it goes! Rules:  ✒︎ You... Continue Reading →

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