I am Nicole, and I am an avid reader and an alcohol connoisseur.. which is totally different from an alcoholic.. I swear. I wanted to create an open forum to pair books with alcoholic beverages based on the theme, feel and/or content of the book. I will warn you right now that I enjoy most genres, so prepare to expect the unexpected. You could see anything from Romance to Bizarro! Please join me on my pairing journey and join the discussion! (but, don’t imbibe too much, I’m trying to keep things civil here! … Although, I’m always up for a good debate!  😘)

I love everything books, booze and food and love to blog about all, or sometimes I Digress and just do my own thing because.. Why not??

Join me for my Book Reviews/Drink Pairings, my National Food & Drink Celebrations, Far Side Fridays, and Music Monday: Who Did it Better? Where I pit multiple versions of the same song up against each other and let you vote on the winner!

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