Game On!! Geek Pop! Tabletopics

So, this one isn’t REALLY a game… But, I had to include it anyways because it had me laughing, for sure!!

So, apparently all of us Geeks have a stigma for being socially awkward.. I know. WHAT?? ME? SOCIALLY AWKWARD?! Well, Geek Pop! Has come to the rescue to save the day! With Tabletopics you are offered cards with different discussion topics so we will never again have those awkward pauses, or feel the need to fill the void with something in appropriate!

I mean, here are some of the (all SO VERY suitable) suggestions for topics!

I’d like to get some answers to these, so please, join the discussion in the comments section and let’s see if these really work! Ha ha!

1. Kaiju or Aliens?

2. Have you ever had a crush on an Alien?

3. Which Wizard in fiction is the most powerful? (thankfully they had that “in fiction”! Now I don’t have to tell you which is more powerful IN REALITY!! 😂😉)

4. Would you visit Jurassic Park?

5. Which celebrity have you gotten an autograph from?

6. Have you memorized any quotes from fantasy books?

7. What would you keep on your utility belt?

8. What Superhero power would you most like to have?

Because all of these topics will make us super cool, and FAR LESS AWKWARD!! 😂😂 And these are just a few of the amazing gems they have in there!

Please, let’s see if these work! Feel free to answer 1 or all of the questions above… But, let’s keep this civil. I mean, in the Geek Realm, some of these questions could start Wars!!

(I’ll also have to remember to but these out for my next Award Nomination or Ya Post!!…. Watch out to whoever I Nominate!! Ha ha!!)

Game On!! Bears vs Babies

What is this?

This is a card game
where you build monstrous bears
who eat horrible babies.

It was made by the same intelligent and attractive
people who brought you Exploding Kittens.


Well, this is a SUPER simple game!! You literally pick up cards, if it’s a BABY card then you put it in its BABY ARMY where you will eventually have to fight it, if it’s a MONSTER card then you try to play it to build your MONSTER making it as strong (and hilarious) as possible so when you decide to call a fight against the BABIES you have a chance!! So, go forth and build your “BEAR” MONSTER ARMY….

This game was SO HILARIOUS!!! It’s simple and I think that I would eventually want expansions to keep it fresh because eventually you would get all of the hilarious monster parts paired up and it would be less funny (they do say that there are expansions available) but here are just a couple of the hilarious Monsters we managed to create to fight our evil babies!!


So, if you want a hilariously dumb game that won’t be too difficult (and will probably even be BETTER) with copious amounts of drinking?? This is pretty much it!!


Game On!! Sushi Go!

Pass the sushi! In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value. But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you’ll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!

Basically, the point of this game is to pass hands of adorable sushi cards each turn, each time taking 1 card to add to your combinations to add up the most points at the end of the round!

This was a simple game, but it was amusing (it’s definitely more fun, the more players you have!) and the cards are BLOODY ADORABLE!!!

Who could NOT fall in love with these adorable, smiling sushi cards! Can’t you just EAT THEM UP?? HA HA HA! (ok. I know. But, I think I’m funny….)

I would definitely recommend this game for a nice family night, or…. perhaps even a drinking game? Lowest points of the round has to drink?? I know I don’t usually recommend a drink with my games, but I’m feeling some SAKE with this one!!

Game On! 6 Rabbit Related Games On Steam To Get You Through Easter

Hey All!! I hope you’re all enjoying a nice Easter weekend!! If this post is up than I’m, sadly, back at work… But, I hope that all of you are having a great weekend!  And, if not, I hope that I’m about to make it better. How about some video games to keep you occupied?? And, in light of this “Hoppy” time of the season (see what I did there??) how about some Rabbit related games to get in the mood??


1. My first choice was “The Night of the Rabbit” by Daedalic Entertainment. Now, I will confess to you all that I. LOVE. DAEDALIC. They are an amazing production company that does very immersive, beautiful point & click games. I would pretty much play anything they made. So, I may be a little biased on my opinion of this game. They always have great voice acting and stories. If you are looking for something fast-paced and high impact, this definitely won’t be for you. If you like something story intensive and visual focused… here you go! 4/5



2. “Bunny Adventure” By CASGames. This is a very simple platformer. I wasn’t a big fan of the controls because if you use a controller your right and left directionals are on one analog stick and the up and down directionals are on the other analog stick… it gets very confusing. But, if you use the keyboard, your directional buttons are all together and normal (arrow keys or ASDW as per usual) but I couldn’t find the punch button anywhere and there didn’t seem to be an explanation for keys to help. 2/5



3. “Hare in the Hat” by RunServer. A point & click/puzzle/hidden object game. Wow. Don’t buy this game unless you plan on playing it entirely by someone else’s walkthrough! You are thrown into the game with NO explanation whatsoever and just left to your own clueless devices. I clicked on things around this room you see above for a while before I gave up and looked at a walkthrough for some guidance and I never would have figured out MOST of what they said to do!! 1.5/5


4. “Cuties” by Atriagames. A puzzle game where you have to control 2 rabbits at one time strategically allowing them each to gather all of their carrots and feed them to the Pig. A cute game that makes you think. I enjoyed it, although I didn’t have any of the install issues that others seem to be having, so beware of install redirection issues just in case!! But, I like a game that takes some creative problem solving at your own pace. 3/5


5. “Your Bunny Wrote” by Rhino Games is in the vein of an old 2D NES puzzle game. Help the Bunny collect his carrots and his letters by flipping signs, putting out fires, extending bridges and riding elevators to strategically pick up everything before exiting the level. This is a surprisingly enjoyable game!! Nothing fancy, but enjoyable! 3.5/5


6. And last, but definitely not least, “Boo Bunny Plague” by On The Level Game Studios. A comedic sci-fi action adventure. …when a game has a musical number about how the crazy robotic rabbits “Mother” taught it to pee standing up in the first 5 minutes of the game??? I’m sold. The controls are a little clunky and I did a lot better when I figured out how to use my shield, Lol! But, all in all a funny and enjoyable time! Well worth the $2.19 that I spent on it, for sure! 4/5

Game On! Forbidden Island

Hello All!

Welcome to my 1st gaming post! I’m thinking of regularly doing these posts on Saturday’s (because gaming is best on a weekend!) But, I couldn’t wait to get my first post out to “Test The Waters!” …..ha ha ha! Ok. You’ll see why that’s funny when I explain my first game. ..Maybe. Today I’m going to talk about a CO-OPERATIVE tabletop card/tile strategy GAME called ‘Forbidden Island’!

Genre: tabletop strategy

Players: 2-4 (although, it does come with 6 pieces and player cards…)

The point of the game is to collect all of the artifacts and get off the island before it sinks into the ocean. (I felt like Indiana Jones!!)


The setup in super easy! Just set the tiles out in a cross pattern, and set the artifacts around it.

Shuffle and dole out the character cards at random to each player. Each character card has a special trait that you will read aloud so that the other players know what you can do.

You must flip the top 6 cards from the flood cards (the blue deck) and flip those tiles over to their blue and white side. Those pieces are now flooded and you must get to them and “shore them up” because if they are pulled from the deck again than they are out of play for the rest of the game.

Each person is also dealt 2 treasure cards. You will receive 2 more of these at the end of each turn

When you acquire 4 matching treasure cards and you get to a tile with that matching treasure, the treasure is yours!


Each player will take their turn. They can conduct 3 actions per turn (ie. Moving, ‘shoring up’ a piece of land, or conducting their special action) then they will take 2 treasure cards and flip over some island cards in the amount of the water level.

Watch out in the treasure cards though! There is a card called “Water Rises!”

This forces you to turn up the water level (forcing you to turn over more flood cards, flooding more island tiles after every turn) and has you put all of the used flood cards back in the TOP of the pile (which means you WILL be picking them again in the next couple of turns or you’re going to lose a lot of island!!)

Work together to get all the artifacts and get off the island before you get trapped or your artifacts all sink away!!


I LOVE this game! I love that it’s co-operative so there are no sore losers!! Now, that’s not saying you won’t get angry at the people you are playing with! Choose your co-operative partners well! (my man sank our artifact into the ocean, thus ending the game…)

The gameplay is frantic and sometimes hilarious when that water level keeps rising. It gets VERY challenging! You really have to play to the abilities of your characters! My friend and I made it off the island with, probably about 5 tiles left in play! It was definitely a race to the finish!

I love that the game can be enjoyed over and over because the tiles will always get put down differently and your abilities all make the game entirely different each time you play.