The American Nightmare

This is absolutely atrocious behaviour from my neighbour to the South… Notice I say NEIGHBOUR as a singular, because I hold one man accountable… (and his entourage) thank you so much, Kim, for calling these links to my attention and I’m hoping anyone who can sign these petitions, will!

By Hook Or By Book


Some of you will remember a post I reblogged a few days ago from Gronda regarding immigrant children being forcibly taken from their parents as they attempt to cross the southern border to seek asylum. Below is an audio obtained by ProPublica which has just been released. On it you can hear young children crying and repeatedly screaming “Mami” and “Papa” at one of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities. Almost as disturbing is at one point during the audio, a border patrol agent jokingly says the children are providing an orchestra for them and all they need is a conductor. I want to warn you, if you haven’t heard this yet, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.




What Trump and his administration is doing isn’t just wrong, it’s evil—and I don’t use that word lightly. There has got to be a special place in Hell for the President, Attorney General Jeff…

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Music Monday- Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith

Hello All! This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. I've promised that this week I was going to be a bit more "normal". (I'm sorry for all of you who came looking for something crazy this week, hit me up next week and I'm sure we can work something out!) With all... Continue Reading →

Cozy Sunday- Father’s Day Edition

Hello all!!! Happy Father's Day! My schedule was throw off this week by some reviews put up on strange dates for me, so I don't have a Cozy Sunday book review for you. I know, I'M SORRY!! I do, however, want to shout out to my Dad and all the other Dad's out there Celebrating... Continue Reading →

Game On! The Last Day of June

Well, now that we're edging on the end of June, I figured that I would get this review out finally! This is the story of Carl and June, and probably the saddest "game" I've ever played. I use the term "game" loosely, as it's more of a visual novel with some light puzzling aspects. Most of... Continue Reading →

Love me Only by Susan James Pierce & Justice K. Chambers

4 out of 5 Stars Synopsis Bridesmaids meets Sleeping with the Enemy. A haunting past. A specific set of rules. One man determined to break them. Chase Anniston has a haunting past full of drug abuse and heartbreak, and now as a recovered heroin addict, she’s focused on keeping her life and career on track.... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Not For Me by Kat De Falla

4.5 out of 5 Stars Thank you to Rockstar Book Tours and Kat de Falla for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion! Synopsis Manda Wolfgram is a struggling literary agent who is looking for the perfect manuscript to land in her lap and the perfect man to land in her... Continue Reading →

Ode to my DEVILESS, no doubt

I had to reblog this poem from my interweb wife, and partner in crime Shalini. This beautiful poem has me blushing and tearing up every time I read it!! 💖💖💖 Love you Doll Face! 👍🍻

Books, Reviews, et al by Shalini

Life is difficult, no doubt
Problems are surmountable, no doubt
The mind just breaks, no doubt
The heart just shatters, no doubt.

But then, sometimes
There arises a gentle soul, no doubt
There is humor in selfless depths, no doubt
Making living fun and joy, no doubt
Bringing laughter and teasing, no doubt

It so started
No doubt with a tag and award
No doubt with being a virtual stranger
No doubt about seldom meeting
No doubt about nearly parting

But then there was
A stubbornness born of queens, no doubt
An openness born of sky, no doubt
A beauty born of heart, no doubt
A will stronger than all, no doubt

And she lived
By her own terms, no doubt
By her own wishes, no doubt
By her own loyalty, no doubt
By her own fire, no doubt

Who else could it be
Nicole, the bookworm, always
Nicole, the…

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