13 Books of Halloween: Day 1 – My Pretties by Jeff Strand

4.5 out of 5 Stars Synopsis A novel of terror from the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE. A serial kidnapper is preying upon women. He abducts them, then locks them in one of the cages dangling from the ceiling in a soundproofed basement. There, he sits quietly and just watches them, returning night after... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: Part 3- The BookWorm Drinketh Does Oktoberfest!

In case you missed my prior posts on my trip to Munich, feel free to check them out!! Part 1: The Architecture Part 2: The BrauHauses Well, now the most important post.... I GOT TO GO TO OKTOBERFEST!!!! Have I mentioned "Best Boss EVER"?? Well..... BEST. BOSS. EVER. (I know he'll never see this, so... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 2- The BrauHauses

How do you visit Germany without hitting some amazing historic Breweries?? YOU DON'T!! First up was Hofbrauhaus in Old Town! It's funny how unassuming all of the buildings are! Every time we went to check out a new brauhaus the outside would look so boring, while the inside would be so beautiful and enormous! Most... Continue Reading →

Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 1- The Architecture

Hello All!!! Well, I'm back in business and I'm going to be visiting all of you again! I'VE MISSED YOU ALL!!! So, be prepared for some crazy Nicole antics on ALL of your blogs! Well, as "The BookWorm Drinketh", I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go somewhere with some of the BEST BEER IN... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: Who Did it Better? Say You’ll be There

Hello Everyone, I'M BACK!!! Heading into a slightly slower time of year, so I'm making a comeback. What better way to do that than a Music Monday: Who Did it Better? Music Monday is hosted by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek, so go check out his song choice for today! Well, let's find out... Continue Reading →

The BookWorm Drinketh… Returns to Drinketh Again??

Hello All! I know I haven't been around very much lately. A new job, a promotion, and 60 hr work weeks have held me back a little. But, WELCOME TO THE SLOW TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! I'm off to beautiful Germany for Oktoberfest (expect a post or 2 on that when I get back!). But,... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: Who Did it Better? 99 Red Balloons – Cast your Vote!

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to Music Monday (hosted by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek) with my spin on it “Who Did it Better?” Where I put multiple versions of the same song up against each other to find out who reigns supreme!! I haven't been around much for the last couple of weeks because I'm off... Continue Reading →

Cozy Sunday – The Perfect Fit by Mary Jayne Baker (Book 2 in “Love in the Dales”)

5 out of 5 Stars If you missed my review of Book One in the Love in the Dales series, check out "A Bicycle Made for Two"   Synopsis ‘A wonderful book with a great story and a sparky, unusual voice. I loved it!' KATIE FFORDE After years living in London, costume shop owner Becky... Continue Reading →

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