Interview with James J. Cudney IV, Author of Father Figure @jamescudney4 — Books, Reviews, et al by Shalini/ HAPPY NATIONAL AMARETTO DAY!!

So, two people I love to chat with had a conversation of their own posted today!! James J. Cudney from This is my Truth Now who has just released his new book Father Figure and Shalini from Book Reviews, Et Al by Shalini. 

Please go check it out!! 

I was also asked by Shalini what cocktail would go best with this interview, so before heading over there I’d first like to say HAPPY NATIONAL AMARETTO DAY!!!  Which ties in PERFECTLY with my drink!!

This interview is Best Served with 

A Panty Dropper Martini!!

2018-04-19 10.20.17.jpg

In honour of Jay’s “debriefing” and amaretto day, I thought it was a very fitting cocktail! (It would have been up earlier… but, I needed pina colada mix and it was 9am… Lol!! I’m nothing if not dedicated!!

I got the idea for this one from Bar Notes unfortunately, their “Preparation” section was empty!! …so, I had to wing it! (Looks pretty though, if I do say so myself!!!!) I also had to take a little poetic license with some of the ingredients as I can’t get some of them here… and it was 9am…


  • 2 oz Pina Colada mix
  • 1 oz Vanilla Vodka (I had to use marshmallow vodka as it was the closest I had to vanilla in my liquor room!!)
  • 1 oz Amaretto
  • 1oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1/5 oz Lime juice

Directions (my made up directions, at least!!)

  1. Fill shaker with ice
  2. Add Pina Colada mix, Vodka and Lime Juice
  3. Shake until cold and slightly frothy
  4. Drain into glass
  5. Slowly add Amaretto pouring over the back of a spoon to layer on top
  6. Slowly add Pineapple Juice the same way
  7. Stir before drinking!


Hey guys! Grab a drink and some munchies. This is gonna be one heck of a ride!! Outrageous flirting all from my side, funny answers from his side, and few occasional quips!! Join us!! This was supposed to be a short interview, till it became super long like an essay, and now it is transformed […]

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One Week Ago Today ~ #neveragain

This was posted by Kim over at By Hook or By Book and really needs as much attention as it can get. I hope that helping her put faces to this travesty will bring some thought and action to the future …

By Hook Or By Book


One week ago today, one of the worst school shootings took place at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas took place in Parkland, Florida. Today, thousands of students from Palm Beach to Washington D.C., are walking out in protest of state and federal governments refusal to discuss the increasing gun violence in this country and the shameful neglect of the mentally ill, and Parkland school survivors are meeting with some Florida legislators after traveling 400 miles yesterday to Tallahassee. To add further context I’d like to share with you the seventeen people whose lives ended all too soon. I realize this is a long post, but  these are not just statistics. These innocents had hopes and dreams that will never be realized. Each of their lives touched hundreds of others, which leads me to wonder what if…


Alyssa Alhadeff, 14


A student at Stoneman Douglas, Alyssa was a valued member of…

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Dear Blogger Friend, We’re in This Together

Had to reblog this from Irina over at [I drink and Watch Anime] who is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and just saved me by reading my mind and posting the PERFECT thing today when I was fretting about having nothing to post today as I don’t (sadly) have the time! STOP READING MY MIND IRINA!!! Lol! PLEASE check out their blog as it it WONDERFUL!!

I drink and watch anime

Dear friend with a blog,

Have you been getting the feeling that you are a little bit too invested in your blog. You fret and worry about it. You’ve set up all these imaginary goals and now you feel bad when you fail to reach them no matter how unrealistic they may have been.

Do you feel like you owe your blog something? I know you feel lazy and a little ashamed when you haven’t posted in a while. You’re not going to lose sleep over it but, still. You feel bad if you don’t deliver on projects you may have teased. You feel a little let down when you pour your heart and time into a post that goes ignored. You have some emotional attachment to your work, I get it.

Related image you may be overdoing it

Ok I know a few of you are super cool. You can just…

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Penicillin, Honey Ginger Whiskey Cocktail — MyYellowApron

With the winter months coming I HAD to reblog this fantastic cocktail I found thanks to MyYellowApron! I can’t wait to get cosy with a book and try this one out!!


As the name suggests Penicillin which is supposed to cure a cold and the flu, right? Well, this Penicillin, Honey Ginger Whiskey Cocktail may not really substitute your flu medicines but it certainly has ingredients that soothe the cold and flu symptoms. This Penicillin, Honey Ginger Whiskey Cocktail got – honey and ginger in it. […]

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BLOG PARTY! 11/28-11/30

Traveling Shana

giphy (1)

I’m happy to be celebrating my growing blog with each and every one of you! Have a wonderful time getting to know one another, as this is a awesome opportunity to grow your blog while supporting others.

As a proper hostess, I of course will be providing a gift. I will be holding a drawing for one lucky winner to receive a $50.00 gift card the moment I reach my 1,000th follower! I encourage you to reblog and share this post all over your social media, inviting as many people to our party as possible. The quicker I reach 1,000 followers, the quicker we can have that drawing!

To Participate In The Party:

  1. Please follow my blog if you haven’t already. In return, I will follow you back.
  2. Reblog this post. (Sharing is caring)
  3. In the comment section of this post, paste one link to your own blog with a…

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