But I Digress… The Netflix Black Hole

So, I was folding laundry yesterday, and when I do that I like to throw something on the T.V that I don’t necessarily want to pay attention to. So, enter the Netflix Black Hole.

So, I know that most of you have probably experienced this, or something similar. I definitely have. You are watching a show that you like and you think “… Just one more episode!” and then Netflix starts it and you think “well, it’s meant to be!” …

Well, that’s not what happened to me.

I found a show called “Nailed It” …

Now I apologize to anyone who likes this show. I started watching this… And It. Was. Awful.

It was so awful. False writing, hosts who have no experience, over-acting. I was folding my laundry thinking “this is awful… This is do Awful..”

Then all of a sudden I was on the 4th episode. I was busy and Netflix just keeps going to the next episode.. And I just think, “well, why not.”

Now, I understand doing this with shows that I’m really enjoying, but, hen I just somehow wasted 2 hrs on something horrible?? Then I realized the other things you could be doing in that timeframe!!

I wonder why I spent so much time watching this show that was Just. So. Awful….. Why?? Can somebody please tell me?? How do you DO that to us Netflix?? *shakes fist*

Dear Blogger Friend, We’re in This Together

Had to reblog this from Irina over at [I drink and Watch Anime] who is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and just saved me by reading my mind and posting the PERFECT thing today when I was fretting about having nothing to post today as I don’t (sadly) have the time! STOP READING MY MIND IRINA!!! Lol! PLEASE check out their blog as it it WONDERFUL!!

I drink and watch anime

Dear friend with a blog,

Have you been getting the feeling that you are a little bit too invested in your blog. You fret and worry about it. You’ve set up all these imaginary goals and now you feel bad when you fail to reach them no matter how unrealistic they may have been.

Do you feel like you owe your blog something? I know you feel lazy and a little ashamed when you haven’t posted in a while. You’re not going to lose sleep over it but, still. You feel bad if you don’t deliver on projects you may have teased. You feel a little let down when you pour your heart and time into a post that goes ignored. You have some emotional attachment to your work, I get it.

Related image you may be overdoing it

Ok I know a few of you are super cool. You can just…

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But I Digress… A Cleaning Quandary

So, I had people over yesterday, and I’m sure you’ve all had to suffer through this, you clean all day; mopping and scrubbing.


People come in and it’s just a frenzy! People are dropping food on your newly mopped floor, they’re wandering in with shoes on, they’re defiling your newly scrubbed bathroom… Why do we do it??


making a mess

I almost feel like next time I’ll go the Italian mother route, but instead of putting plastic on the furniture.. I’m going to put it on EVERYTHING!!


Yes. People may think that they’ve just entered Dexter’s kill room… But, at least things will stay CLEAN!!

Anyone have any other, less insane, ideas??

But I Digress…The Force is Strong In Us All

So, I went to go see Star Wars: Last Jedi last night and walked away with a strange and wonderful insight! Screw you Disney and your morals! *shakes fist*  …I’m sorry. I love you, Disney… *thinks of fond childhood memories* *does a little dance to internal ‘Little Mermaid’ montage* But, I digress….

There was a scene (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler) where Yoda (come on! It’s not a spoiler! He shows up ALL THE TIME!) burns some books to teach Luke a lesson. The lesson really blew my mind:


Books are nothing without readers to share their content and meaning with each other. They are just words on a page (NEVER to discount the arduous time Authors take to put those words there!!) but, it’s like the saying “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?” If a book is written, and there’s no one around to read it… what is it, really?

Until those words are shared, taught, explored… they hold no meaning. No journey.

just won't read

It may me feel how important it is to be spreading that word. The love of reading. Not everyone is going to like every book that you read and try to force on them, but  never give up telling people! They will remember what you said and they may find someone else who sparks that memory and causes them to say “hey, you know what I think you might like??”

I’m not saying that everyone should start a blog or something. I’m hoping to make this more personal than that. Social media is all well and good, and a great way to get the word to the masses, but, maybe we should all start reaching out to real people in our lives and communities and spread those words as well! Let’s remember what talking to people is like and remind ourselves that way back when things weren’t even written down, but were passed down through generations by word of mouth.

In this age of increasing technology and isolation it’s too easy to forget about the written word, and it’s also too easy to push a “Like” button without really reading the words that were written by someone (I hope this doesn’t happen too frequently… but, I’ve already seen it a number of times). Which is why reaching out and talking personally is so important.

So, what I’m trying to say, is let’s read our little hearts out

sleep and books

And let’s make sure we are keeping that book alive by spreading its message (now I sound like I’m preaching… but really, reading IS my religion! Lol!)

Books are only alive if we breathe the life into them!

Thank you, Yoda, for your insightful message and for reminding me of what is important!

bill murray

Thank you for reading my rant, and CHEERS!!