Who Wants to Join our Terry Pratchett Read-a-Thon for December? Book 6: WYRD SISTERS!

Here we are again, folks!! I know that this is a busy month for everyone, but THIS IS MY FAVOURITE DISCWORLD NOVEL, SO PLEASE JOIN ME!!!


Hopefully, Kathy over at Pages Below the Vaulted Sky and I will be continuing our read-a-thon with this novel this month! We’ve become pretty relaxed in post dates so, if you’d like to join us, just try to get as close to the date as you possible can and be sure to link back to those participating!

Book: Wyrd Sisters (second book in the witches’ story line BUT CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE IF THIS IS YOUR 1ST MONTH WITH US!!)

Post Date: Monday December 31

Pages: 332

Anyone who would like to join, just comment below, or contact Kathy or I through our pages!

24 thoughts on “Who Wants to Join our Terry Pratchett Read-a-Thon for December? Book 6: WYRD SISTERS!

Add yours

    1. It’s my absolute FAVOURITE!!! I hope you enjoy it, and as I said, take your time! I know it’s a tough time of year… I actually almost put up a hiatus post to take a break until the end of the year because I’m so behind (sorry I haven’t been over to visit you in a little bit, but I PROMISE I’m working on making time to catch up with everyone! Just trying to get organized! 😅) so, post whenever you can and just link to the participants as always!… I can’t even promise my post will be up in time… Here’s hoping! 🤞


      1. Nope! Terry Pratchett is really good at explaining the world a bit in every book, and you missed the first book with Granny Weatherwax, but she’s got a new crew so it’ll explain who she is, as well. This is a really good book to start with!

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  1. I’d love to read with you, but as I’ve said this is not my thing, so I’m waiting for you to chew something like Judy Blume, LOL

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  2. Yup, I’m joining in again! I read this recently as we did the play-version with my theatre group, so I may just skim through before writing my thoughts as it’s still quite fresh in my mind! 😀


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