Terry Pratchett Read-a-Thon February: Book #7 Pyramids

Wait….. what happened to January?!?! Ya ya… I know. I dropped the ball. I was on my hiatus and it doesn’t look like Kathy @ Pages Below the Vaulted Sky got an announcement post up for this month as well. BALL DROPPERS UNITE! HIGH FIVE, GIRL!! Ha ha!

I think that time got away from us, and with sorting out the New year and all I think that some things just fell to the wayside!

But, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, as they say! It’s a fresh start. I’m going to be back to a regular schedule and back to stalking all of your lovely blogs come this weekend. So, what better way to start this ball rolling than the announcement of the next book!!



Page Count: 341

Post Date: Monday February 25


Hopefully I’ll get some people back! Please comment below if you’d like to join in! This is a really good stand-alone in the series as well so, newcomers are welcome!!

22 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett Read-a-Thon February: Book #7 Pyramids

Add yours

    1. Just read the book, post on the date specified, and add links to the others who are participating. I will put up a post containing the participants the weekend before the posting date to make life easier on everyone! It’s fun to see everyone’s variations of opinions.. almost like our own little online book club. Lol!
      We’d love for you to join us!

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