“If you Sit on my Lap Today, a kiss and a toy is the Price You’ll Pay…”

I decided that it was Finally time to get in some Christmas movies! I haven’t had time all season, so I was putting my foot down and getting it done! My man and I have a collection of all the animated classics, Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch…. they’re all there! There is also “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” ….now, we hadn’t seen this one in ages. Has anyone seen it?? Well, it was quite the trip!! It’s hilarious what was acceptable in 1970 that would probably be a LITTLE questioned in this day and age! Let’s just say “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” has NOTHING on this little gem!


We then move from questionable songs forcing children onto our laps bribing them with kisses and toy, to a 70s acid trip!

I just had to share! Let me know what you think!!


16 thoughts on ““If you Sit on my Lap Today, a kiss and a toy is the Price You’ll Pay…”

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      1. 🎄🎊❄️🎉❤️
        Good timing then. I’m finally having a relaxing day after packed days for the last week and a half. Sitting quietly reading in my living room at the moment. It’s great. 🤣

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