Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day!!

Hello All!

As promised, it’s the unveiling of a special day!! The 3rd Thursday of November every year is the release of the first Beaujolais Nouveau wines!!!


These started as wines made from Gamay grapes in the Beaujolais region of France and has since extended from there to other areas. These wines were only fermented for a 6-8 weeks after the first grapes of the season are harvested. The grapes must be hand picked and are made using carbonic maceration where the grapes are loaded into a large sealed container filled with carbon dioxide, the grapes at the bottom get crushed by the weight of the grapes on top and begin to ferment emitting more CO2 which then begins to cause fermentation in the grapes on top. This fermentation process emphasizes a fruity flavour and extracts the bitter tannins from the wine (it tastes like grape juice!!)

So, for all of you who think you don’t like wine?? THIS IS THE WINE FOR YOU!!!

beaujolais nouveau meme

Now to tie this back to my post from earlier!! Again, thank you to D.L. Richardson for having me on her blog tour for her new dystopian sci-fi novel “Earth Quarantined“, and IT COULDN’T HAVE BEEN TIMED BETTER!!! Her character Kethryn sure loved her red wine, so I’m sure she would approve of my saying that these wines are the perfect pairing with this book!!



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  1. I remember the Beaujolais races to get the first bottles back to England, my boss went one year when I worked in a wine bar, think they still do a charity one, but it’s not a big thing anymore. renchduck.com/latest/the-beaujolais-race-still-running/

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  2. Sebastiani Vineyards in Sonoma, CA used to make this varietal, but I don’t think they do anymore. You’re right, it’s like grape juice, but it also has a short shelf life, so you have to drink it right away.

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    1. Oh, believe me. I’ve picked my fair share of wines based off labels, as well. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ George Deboeuf (one of the producers of the Beajoulais every year) actually designs a label and then releases a silk tie every year with the labels design. (his are the pretty ones on the ends)

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