3 Quotes in 3 Days/6 Days of “Deep Thoughts”-Day 4

Welcome back for Day 4 of "Deep Thoughts" with Jack Handey. "Sometimes the beauty of the world is so overwhelming, I just throw back my head and gargle. Just gargle and gargle, and I don't care who hears me, because I Am Beautiful." Join me again tomorrow for more "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey.

3 Quotes in 3 Days/6 Days of “Deep Thoughts”-Day 3

Thank you for joining me for Day 3 of "Deep Thoughts" with Jack Handey. "Today I accidentally stepped on a snail on the sidewalk in front of our house. And I thought, I too am like that snail. I build a defensive wall around myself, a "shell" if you will. But my shell isn't made... Continue Reading →

3 Quotes in 3 Days or… 6 Days of “Deep Thoughts”

I was nominated for this Tag by Chizurue at Of Midnight Ravings and Cherie at From Michigan to Germany and I'm sorry its taken SOOOO LONG!! This one was driving me crazy because I was trying far too hard to come up with great quotes... I know I have them in my head, but I... Continue Reading →

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