A Birthday Wish for Miss Honeybug’s Reads and Crafts/aka Alicia!

Alicia, So, I have promised a drunken uncle speech... And a drunken uncle speech I shall instill in all its glory... (BTW, Alicia, I STILL expect to be invited to the wedding! 😉) So, Alicia. It is your birthday, and I am SO PROUD OF THAT! I've known Alicia since Your reviews have been amazing,... Continue Reading →

There’s Always Room For J.E.L.L.O

  4/5 Stars Time Travel? Check. Big Explosions? Check. Snarky Witches? Double Check! Lots of Nudity?? Check. Check and Check again! A fantastic story written in the vein of World War Z and the like. The entire story is told through Diary Entries, Reports and Messages between characters. I would highly recommend the audio book... Continue Reading →

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