2 out of 5 Stars for overall Writing

5 out of 5 Stars for WTF did I just read??

Averaging out to 3.5 Stars

Well, I’m still trying to forge into the world of Bizarro literature. I will warn you now… It is not for those with delicate sensiblities! It is usually shock for the sake of shock and nonsense for the sake of nonsense. I’M O.K WITH THAT! This book was actually better than other bizarro literature I’ve tried in the past as it actually made sense as a story… some not so much.

So, I know I started with a pic of the wrong Captain since the book IS called SHATNERQUAKE! But, I couldn’t help including a good ole Captain Picard face palm as I could just see it happening as I was reading.

At ShatnerCon The Evil Campbellians (worshippers of the OTHER ultimate B Actor Bruce Campbell) plan to take down William Shatner by setting off a ‘Fiction Bomb’ That brings all of Shatners characters to life…. and they’re out to become the ONLY TRUE Shatner in this world!

How can you say no to Shatner vs Shatner …..vs other Shatners… VS BRUCE CAMPBELL!

You can read for yourself what happens… But all I want to say on my own behalf (even though I do LOVE me some Shatner!) Is…


Shatnerquake is Best Served With


So, I wanted a cocktail that mixed well (…get it? Mixed!?) with the name of the book. So, I decided on the Earthquake lo and behold there are multiple different versions of this cocktail so I though, PERFECT! In honour of the many different Shatner’s I am going to give a couple of different versions of this drink:

EarthQuake #1 (Treblement de Terre)

The 1st rendition is in honour of the post impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  •  3 parts Absinthe
  • 3 parts Cognac

Just mix together and get ready to get “Shaken Up”!


EarthQuake #2

  • 2 oz Tequila
  • 1 oz Triple Sec
  • 1.5 oz Grand Marnier
  • 1.5 oz Light Gin
  • 1/2 oz each Pineapple and Orange juice

Shaken and Served over crushed Ice


3 thoughts on “Welcome….to…Shatnerquake.

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  1. Well this is an interesting take on book reviews! I’m going to have to save your drink suggestions for my fath in law. He’s both a fan of literature and mixology!


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