But I Digress… The Netflix Black Hole

So, I was folding laundry yesterday, and when I do that I like to throw something on the T.V that I don’t necessarily want to pay attention to. So, enter the Netflix Black Hole.

So, I know that most of you have probably experienced this, or something similar. I definitely have. You are watching a show that you like and you think “… Just one more episode!” and then Netflix starts it and you think “well, it’s meant to be!” …

Well, that’s not what happened to me.

I found a show called “Nailed It” …

Now I apologize to anyone who likes this show. I started watching this… And It. Was. Awful.

It was so awful. False writing, hosts who have no experience, over-acting. I was folding my laundry thinking “this is awful… This is do Awful..”

Then all of a sudden I was on the 4th episode. I was busy and Netflix just keeps going to the next episode.. And I just think, “well, why not.”

Now, I understand doing this with shows that I’m really enjoying, but, hen I just somehow wasted 2 hrs on something horrible?? Then I realized the other things you could be doing in that timeframe!!

I wonder why I spent so much time watching this show that was Just. So. Awful….. Why?? Can somebody please tell me?? How do you DO that to us Netflix?? *shakes fist*

16 thoughts on “But I Digress… The Netflix Black Hole

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  1. Oh gosh I know the feeling!!! I want to move on but I’m just glued to it, almost hypnotic. Same thing as with tacky songs that you totally despise but can’t help but repeat them on your head for days. I think these kind of entertainment satisfy us in a very primal way even when our logical brain says “this is awful girl” hahaha!

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  2. Youtube is still my black hole… okay that sounded wrong. But I am incredibly picky with Netflix series (less with movies)…I always watch a 2nd episode and after that I either keep watching or delete the show from my memory πŸ˜‚

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  3. Well that’s interesting.. haha.. Good thing I didn’t choose that show to watch yet. I’m amazed by the show called Extraordinary Homes though.. and you’re right, time just fly by watching pretty much any shows..

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  4. THIS IS SUCH A THING. I’ve ended up in too many Netflix black-holes to count. I also have this weird voice in my head that’s like “If you exit during the credits when the thing is already counting down, Netflix will forget/miscount what episodes you’ve already watched, so just make sure you pause before it flicks over to the countdown after the next one”. WTF is that voice? That has literally *never* happened to me. Ugh!

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    1. Ha ha! I TOTALLY understand!! The fear is real! That voice is the government chip in your brain as they try to keep up with their quota of what you’re supposed to be watching… I’m convinced. Lmao! πŸ˜‰ but, believe me, I’ve thought the same thing!


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