Exciting April Update and a Look into May!!

Ok… So, I may have oversold it all a bit.Ha ha! BUT, I’ve decided to do more update posts on what my plans are (mostly to keep MY schedule in order!).

First things first. I’m going to be introducing a new monthly post on the first Saturday of every month!!

Cinema Saturday!!!

The first Saturday of every month I will compare and review a book with its movie counterpart!!

*If anyone has any suggestions for some comparisons they’d like to see, or anything they’ve enjoyed (or would like to see me rip apart) PLEASE, comment below!!*

Secondly, April didn’t go as well as expected for my Memoir Month. SO, I will be continuing it into May since I just signed up for some amazing Blog tours in the month of May, as well and I’ll have A LOT of reading to do!!

Here is a sneak peek of some of my upcoming blog tour to whet your appetite!

maidens peak

A Tour with Reads & Reels who is still looking for more bloggers! May 6th-10th. Contact her through this link to sign up!! Check it out on Goodreads!


beautys curse

Another tour through Reads and Reel and she needs more bloggers!! May 13th-17th. Click this link to sign up, and check it out on Goodreads!!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00094]

A tour with Digital Reads Book Tours! Check it out on Goodreads!


Along with the rest of the memoir books I have yet to review from April, it should be a fun month!! I hope you’ll all join me!!


31 thoughts on “Exciting April Update and a Look into May!!

Add yours

    1. Harry Potter is not even in my radar for this… And Stephen King?? Have you not been a party to my rants time and time again?? 🤣🤣 Although, that would be an interesting one because THE MOVIE IS ALWAYS BETTER!! But… It would mean I have to read the book again… 🤔🤔 Dilemmas….

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    1. Nope. I thought of Trevor Noah.. But, I really like to focus on more indie authors. It’s always hard to find time to read something that probably has thousands of reviews when there are amazing authors out there with only a few! We’ll see how things go. I had a couple of bigger ones in my pile (I actually OWN them) that we’ll see if i get to, if I have time!

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    1. Ha ha! Princess Bride is a good one. But, I’m worried the book and movie are too close! They’re ones that actually didn’t anger me…. But, I’d love to write about how the book came about. William Goldman was a very interesting fella! 😂

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