Cinema Saturday- “The Silence” A Book and Movie Comparison! (with a drink to go with!!)

Hello All!

Welcome to the 1st CINEMA SATURDAY, where I will take a movie, and the book that it’s based on, giving my impressions on each and hopefully hearing about what you thought of it!

Now, on to the discussion!

The Book

the silence book.jpg

I really enjoyed the book! A perfect balance of character and suspense!

You really got to know the characters in the book. There was back story, a better explanation as to what was going on in their lives, and when things happened to these characters you REALLY CARED!! It was gritty and unpleasant….. but, come on! That’s the situation they were in! If some creatures started killing everyone on the planet, I don’t think we’d all be happy and having a great time.

There was one moment in the book that almost made me stop reading it….. I won’t spoil it for anyone. But, I honestly almost put it down. I REALLY almost did NOT watch the movie because of it. I am the horror Queen and I can deal with a lot. Kill all the people you want in horrific ways…. but, there is ONE THING that can make or break a movie or book for me  (*For anyone who may know which part I speak of… they change it in the movie so it’s less graphic*).

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just the descriptions and wording had me continuously turning the pages,

“In the air above and around them the pale shapes flew. They fitted and swirled, spiraling above the road, dropping and rising again. People tripped and were immediately smothered in vesps. Some fled into the fields, leaving their cars and loved ones behind. The creatures darted after them, swerving back and forth before closing in and landing on their targets.

The flicker of gunfire- muzzle flashes, coughing smoke- erupted from among the military vehicles, and a cloud of creatures quickly converged on the roadblock.

I’m seeing people die, I thought, and horror gripped me,crippling, paralysing, shattering.”

This book really ripped me apart at times!I couldn’t imagine the trauma and grief that people would go through in this situation. But, it was definitely spelled out FANTASTICALLY!

“Whatever enraged me in the future, I could not scream. Whatever grief was visited upon me, I must cry in silence.”

Everything that was happening was impending doom. And, I felt that. In my soul.

The one complaint that I had was the reason that The Hushed wanted Ally…..but, I’ll save that for my Movie rundown!! (because at least it’s EXPLAINED in the book!!)

The Movie

the silence movie

Well…… it makes me sad to say that even Stanley Tucci couldn’t really save this movie. I mean, if you want a mindless creature feature with little to no explanation, this is your movie! The production value wasn’t bad. They did a pretty good job depicting the Vesps….. and that’s about it. They BARELY explain who anyone is. It’s almost like they start in the middle of the story. There isn’t the same relationship between anyone,and nothing to show what is going on in their lives to make you care anything about them. You’re just thrown right into things.

I had my man and my best friend watch the movie, and I asked them if they could figure out why The Hushed wanted Ally to begin with, since it’s not even explained. They BOTH thought that The Hushed wanted Ally for breeding purposes….. Which is absolutely not the case. NOW, back to my complaint about the book! They was Ally because she has her own form of sign language and they want to learn so they can communicate in silence….. WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO TO A LIBRARY AND LEARN SIGN LANGUAGE??? It really all didn’t make much sense to me. But then, in a world filled with so much fear, madness and chaos….is anyone really thinking straight?

My other complaint about this movie is WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SET IN AMERICA!!!?? The book is set in the U.K. So, why is it that whenever they make a movie off a book set ANYWHERE, it’s suddenly set in the U.S. LET SOMEONE ELSE TRY TO SURVIVE!!

I just didn’t feel anything for any of the characters. If they were to die…. it wouldn’t really matter to me.

My last complaint…. I know…. ENOUGH!! But, JUST ONE MORE!! The movie didn’t give enough validity to “The Grey”. All of the world’s internet and phone sources are falling and there is no way to communicate or know who is surviving, or how. In the book it was like this horrifying entity that was coming to complete the job the Vesps were starting. It was almost more terrifying than the Vesps, themselves. The thought that, at any moment, there would be no knew information on how anyone could survive or there their loved ones may be. In the movie this was fairly glossed over…. that was sad.

All in all, my rating is:



Have you seen this movie, or read this book? What did you think??Let me know in the comments!!


The Silence is Best Served with a Vow of Silence Cocktail



This drink, apparently, came from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.


  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 3/4 oz Vermouth
  • 1/4 oz Benedictine
  • 2 Dashes Peyshaud’s Bitters
  • 1 Dash Angostura Bitters
  • Garnish: expressed lemon peel (optional)


  1. Place bourbon, vermouth and benedictine in a mixing glass
  2. Stir briefly with ice
  3. Strain into new glass
  4. Garnish with expressed lemon peel if desired
  5. CHEERS!!



11 thoughts on “Cinema Saturday- “The Silence” A Book and Movie Comparison! (with a drink to go with!!)

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    1. Ha ha!! I’m glad I’m not the only one!! It makes me so sad when STANLEY TUCCI can’t save a film!! He’s AMAZING!! ❤️❤️❤️ But, I defintitely could have taken my 1.5hrs back and not been disappointed about it…


  1. It’s so bloody annoying when a book is set in the UK but the movie is set in America. They did it with The Girl on the Train and I never forgave them for it. I think I’ll be skipping the Netflix movie but I’ll look out for the book 😀

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