The American Nightmare

This is absolutely atrocious behaviour from my neighbour to the South… Notice I say NEIGHBOUR as a singular, because I hold one man accountable… (and his entourage) thank you so much, Kim, for calling these links to my attention and I’m hoping anyone who can sign these petitions, will!

By Hook Or By Book


Some of you will remember a post I reblogged a few days ago from Gronda regarding immigrant children being forcibly taken from their parents as they attempt to cross the southern border to seek asylum. Below is an audio obtained by ProPublica which has just been released. On it you can hear young children crying and repeatedly screaming “Mami” and “Papa” at one of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facilities. Almost as disturbing is at one point during the audio, a border patrol agent jokingly says the children are providing an orchestra for them and all they need is a conductor. I want to warn you, if you haven’t heard this yet, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.



What Trump and his administration is doing isn’t just wrong, it’s evil—and I don’t use that word lightly. There has got to be a special place in Hell for the President, Attorney General Jeff…

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      1. But the way they are justifying it with a child trafficking law. Then saying not my fault I didn’t pass the law. No you just twisted it to fit your agenda. Then to suggest that it won’t stop until he gets his wall…

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      2. You know what? I almost wish he’d build the damned wall and get it done with. Not to keep people out, just to keep him IN. People are better off NOT going into the states right now. It’s soon going to be no better than their homelands. 😕😕

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  1. I can’t watch the whole video. It’s just too heartbreaking . I’ve seen a lot of awful videos with regards to drug trafficking and human trafficking through the courses I teach but this is on a whole different level.
    This is govt sanctioned evil in a country that should know better.

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  2. You know this doesn’t surprise me. The U.S ousted a democratically-elected president in the motherland and funded the dictatorship that took over and committed a genocide. And then these politicians wonder why these people flee their countries. So… the atrocities that my homeland does do not shock me anymore. Sorry I just spewed this all over your comments. This subject really riles me up. Good on you for sharing this though!!

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    1. Oh, that’s exactly why I shared it! Of all people Kim knows how riled up I get about things. I do love a good rant. Even if no one will listen, I will scream to the skies. Now that I have a platform how can I NOT use it?? I am so grateful to have Kim to call these things to my attention so we can at least add a few more voices screaming futile to the skies… Maybe one day we’ll have enough to be heard. 😕

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  3. It’s incredibly sad to see this is happening in a so called ‘modern and civilised’ world. It seriously makes my blood boil.
    Thanks for sharing, raising an awareness is extremely important. ❤️

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  4. I’m so horrified and sickened everytime I go onto Twitter now and I can’t believe this is happening in a country that not too long ago celebrated the legalization of gay marriage. I know people get annoyed when we compare the Trump administration to the Nazi regime…but I feel like putting children in effing CAGES and dropping out of the UN is a pretty big step towards fascism. I feel so helpless 😥😥

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