The BookWorm Drinketh… Returns to Drinketh Again??

Hello All!

I know I haven’t been around very much lately. A new job, a promotion, and 60 hr work weeks have held me back a little. But, WELCOME TO THE SLOW TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! I’m off to beautiful Germany for Oktoberfest (expect a post or 2 on that when I get back!). But, when I get back expect a return to the blogosphere!!

It all starts October 19th with:

13 Books of Halloween!

Click the links to see what Goodreads thinks of these books!


Kicking off with a Cinema Saturday!!! Check out the book HERE


my pretties

Check it out HERE

genital grinder

Check it out HERE


Check it out HERE


Check it out HERE, Or, check Didi out on her blog!

broken heart attack

Check it out HERE. Or better yet, go check Jay out on his blog!

secret admirer

Throwback Thursday! Check it out HERE

things in ditches

Check it out HERE

Cinema Saturday! Check the book out HERE

toil & trouble

Check it out HERE

my sister & i

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Check it out HERE

children shouldn't play with dead things

Check it out HERE

Please, come and tune in!!! I’ll be visiting all of you in your neck of the interweb as well!

52 thoughts on “The BookWorm Drinketh… Returns to Drinketh Again??

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    1. Well, it’s still a work thing… So, I’ll enjoy it as much as I can! I’m definitely freaking out a little! My first time to Europe and it’s with work people! πŸ˜‚ I miss you, lady!! Hopefully I’ll get to chat with you more upon my return! ❀️❀️

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  1. Hi,

    Enjoy the Germany trip. You deserve a break. I want to hear all about the new job and changes. This sounds fantastic. I’ve missed chatting. I hardly ever get back to blogs except reading comments these days. We must do better.

    Thank you so much for reading Broken Heart Attack. Halloween will be so fun. I’ll be doing the 31 days of Halloween on my Fall Festival too in October. πŸ™‚



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    1. I miss chatting with you, too!! It’s been way too long. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things when I get back. I’ll have an 8-10hr flight both ways to get a lot of reading done. So, that’ll help!!
      And, it’s not much of a break since I’m going to Germany for work. πŸ˜‚ I’m going to check out Oktoberfest with the owner of the brewery I manage and the brew master. Lol! So, not REALLY a vacation. But, they’re fun guys. So, it should be interesting!

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    1. I’m so excited to catch up on the Braxton series!!! Kellan needs to grow a pair with the ladies, though!! πŸ˜‰
      I’m sure I’ll have fun in Germany… We’ll see! Ha ha! I’ll DEFINITELY be having beer with my breakfast… Hair if the dog and all that!! P.S. I MISS YOU, LADY!! I’ll still be reachable by Facebook if you want to chat while I’m away! 😘

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      1. I actually barely had any beer yesterday! Sad… But, true. We were awake for about 35 hrs in a row, so it was hard to do much of ANYTHING! Lol! But, I got my dirndl and today is game day!! I’ll be sure to post any pics. 😊🍻

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      2. Well, did Oktoberfest yesterday… Almost GOT kicked out of the country! The polizei wouldn’t let me take stairs after, they made me take the elevator because they thought I would kill myself…. At least I didn’t wind up in the blue coffin!! πŸ˜‚πŸ»πŸ™„

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    1. Ha ha! I’ve been gattung my come back together (I’ve decided that planning ahead of time is a good idea…. Since, I NEVER plan ahead of time!) it’ll start with a post about my trip in the next couple of days! And, there will be PLENTY of pictures! 😁🍻 Hopefully we do keep it up for a while. If not, feel free to email me!! I’d love to chat and hear how things are going!! (besides what I already saw on your blog!)

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