The Death of “Far Side Friday” from a FORMER Fan

Hello All,

I grew up on Far Side comics. It was a very special time in my life to read and laugh at these comics with my father, who has all of the original collections. When I grew up, I went out and purchased the new collections for myself, hoping to relive these wonderful moments with all of those that I love.

Well, it is a sad day in the life of this Bookworm. Gary Larson has decided, after all these years, to join the interweb. Good for him. Bad for me.

I have been contacted by his “people” asking that, not only do I “cease and desist” Far Side Friday, but that I pull all prior content. Apparently, Mr. Larson doesn’t appreciate me freely spreading the love of his content and would like all of your money, instead. (Because the 25 people who actually read my blog are REALLY going to make a big difference to his pocket book.)

I tried to make a deal with them where they would give me approved weekly content that I could post and I could help spread the word of this new website… to no avail. Apparently, my blog has enough of a following as to garner their interest and be squashed, but, not enough to be of any use to them.

So, on this sad, sad day, we bid adieu to “Far Side Friday”.


A Former Fan

18 thoughts on “The Death of “Far Side Friday” from a FORMER Fan

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      1. Ha ha ha! The funny thing is, there’s a cocktail called “Golden Showers”
        1/2 oz. Tequila Gold

        1/2 oz. Southern Comfort

        1/2 oz. Galliano

        2 oz. Apple juice



        Combine all the ingredients (except lemonade and Galliano) in a mixing tin, pour over ice in a collins glass, top with lemonade and float Galliano.

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  1. I can’t say too much about this because I have no real legal knowledge regarding copyright matters. However, I’ve come across fair amount of artists who grant people some sort of “fair use” license regarding fan-oriented distribution/interpretation of content, such as cosplays, fan-fiction etc. I always see “redistribution” of my comics as being the highest possible praise that anyone could bestow on me. But, to each his own. How Mr. Larson chooses to conduct business remains his prerogative. I’m just sad it worked out this way for you… After all, comics is supposed to be a construct that enhances our enjoyment of life, and not detract from it. Kind regards Matt

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    1. Thanks Matt, I think the biggest disappointment was the fact that they WOULDN’T give me approved content to help share my love of the Far Side while directing people to his website. It could really have been anything. I was just trying to get the word out about my favourite comic.

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      1. I understand your sentiment completely! But then again, 100% of my own comic is about the “absurdity of the universe.” Who knows though. Maybe one day we’ll all meet up in a parallel universe where stuff makes more sense? Or not.. But let’s hope! Have a great Friday!

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  2. What a huge pile of crappola! the far side (I refuse to honor it with caps any longer) was among the greats (IMHO) in all of cartoondom. Now, I wouldn’t read it if it was delivered to my front door in free full-color poster-sized installments. gary larson (again, the caps thingie) can kiss my less-than-royal-butt. However, I AM sorely tempted to buy one of his old collections (second hand, naturally–no royalties from yours truly) to keep in my bathroom and use as needed. And it WILL NOT require the use of my reading specs.
    –Michael (with TWO BIG THUMBS DOWN to money-mongrel larson)

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    1. Thank for the support, Michael! I was very disappointed, myself. I couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t even let me just help promote their website. I wouldn’t have even necessarily had to post any of the cartoons themself. It could have been thoughts from Larson, promotional material… Anything really. Buy, they even turned down that offer. It was definitely a sad day.

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  3. Jeez. There’s a whole
    Generation who knows nothing about Far side… a little positive spinning could actually be beneficial. It’s really annoying that they think you’re big enough to be a threat but not big enough to be a help. Sounds like newbie antics on their part actually. Not like you were making money off of your posts. 🙄

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