The Death of “Far Side Friday” from a FORMER Fan

Hello All, I grew up on Far Side comics. It was a very special time in my life to read and laugh at these comics with my father, who has all of the original collections. When I grew up, I went out and purchased the new collections for myself, hoping to relive these wonderful moments... Continue Reading →

National Caesar Day!!

Hello, Everyone! Yesterday was National Caesar Day in Canada! (.... the drink. Not the salad) in 2009, the Caesar was officially declared Canada's National Cocktail by Parliament. So, how could I NOT celebrate?? And, what more Canadian way to celebrate than a garage party with a Caesar recipe concocted by one of my country's most... Continue Reading →

Halloween Costume Conundrum

Sorry this is so late!!! I have a 80s/90s themed Halloween party to go to tonight and I was trying to come up with my outfit! So.... for the lateness of my post, and because I MAY have started something over at my friend and drinking buddy Irina's blog: I Drink and Watch Anime (IF... Continue Reading →

Far Side Friday! Take a Walk on the Far Side…

Hello all, and HAPPY FRIDAY! They're not so happy for me because I always work all weekend... But, I've come up with a plan to make me feel better. Hopefully all of you will enjoy it too! I grew up on Far Side Comics by Gary Larson and I've always LOVED them! A couple of... Continue Reading →

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