Legendarium by Michael Bunker & Kevin G. Summers 2 Stars


In every generation, certain writers are chosen to be protectors of The Legendarium, a metaphysical library that exists at the nexus of the multiverse. Inside this library are doorways that lead to every world ever created in literature. There are forces of evil constantly at work to destroy the library and send the world back into an age of darkness. Now, in a time of growing illiteracy, two heroes are chosen to defend The Legendarium. Bombo Dawson, newly published author and the hero of Michael Bunker’s novella Hugh Howey Must Die!, and Alistair Foley, aspiring author and Bombo’s harshest critic, become unlikely partners in a mission to protect The Legendarium. Their adventures will take them across the worlds of literature, but will hostile enemies learn to work together before the accumulated knowledge of all of humanity is lost forever?


I really wanted to like this book! A library with all of the literature ever written from all worlds, and versions of those worlds?? YES, PLEASE!! Yet, here I sit disappointed that it turned out to be a platform to tout the benefits of self-publishing. What’s great about self-publishing? EVERYTHING! You know what would never have been published in the past and would have been self-published?? EVERYTHING! And, guess what? The book itself was……. you guessed it, SELF-PUBLISHED!! Who would have guessed it? Not that I have ANYTHING against self-publishing. I think it amazing that we get so many books that would otherwise have been overlooked. But… can we please get to the story?? Your novel is only 148 pgs as is!

The dialogue was also a little dry. It seemed to be full of overly explanatory statements, and just didn’t flow as an organic conversation should. I was really hoping for more time in the Legendarium, and less time getting there. I will say that I did love the alternate timelines. The fact that the world would have been a very different place if these fools hadn’t messed things up in these literature worlds. In saying all of this, I still may get sucked into a second book if one is written. I would like to see if this was just first book jitters because the premise could be SO GOOD!! If the authors can’t get their writing cleaned up, I would love for them to sell off this idea to someone else so I could get the novel that this could have been!

Legendarium is Best Served with an Alice in Wonderland Shot


  • 1oz Grand Marnier
  • 2/3oz Tequila


  1. Pour ingredients into shot glass
  2. Pour shot glass into mouth
  3. CHEERS!!

4 thoughts on “Legendarium by Michael Bunker & Kevin G. Summers 2 Stars

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  1. Wonderful review Nicole! The subject matter of the book sounds fascinating, but if only the writing needs a bit of help you have helped the author on their next adventure. Just reviewing it has made me decide to get a copy and read it so I can judge for myself, since all tastes in literature are different. I just want to say that your reviews are fantastic. Let’s move on to the next book!

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