Happy Birthday, Shalini!!!

Everyone, it just so happens to be the Birthday of one of my nearest and dearest friends!! Happy Birthday Shalini!! And, to celebrate in true Nicole fashion here is an awful....ly good poem that I wrote JUST FOR HER!!! Your friendship means the world to me I'll announce it for the world to see. I... Continue Reading →

A One Year Blogging Anniversary for a Commitment-Phobe!

Woot woot!!! Has it really been a WHOLE YEAR?! I honestly wasn't even going to write this post because.... Well, why?? Ha ha! But, I woke up this morning and realized I COMMITTED A WHOLE YEAR TO SOMETHING!!! Now, I know that probably doesn't sound like a lot to all of you. But, I'm a... Continue Reading →

Happy Blogiversary, Cozy Pages!!

Hello All! Just popped in because it happens to be a very special day for a very special lady!! Nina, over at The Cozy Pages, is celebrating her one year Blogiversary!! If any of you aren't following her already, you should go and do so!! She writes fantastic reviews on cozy mysteries!! She is my... Continue Reading →

Out of This World Blogger Award!!

I stole this header picture from Munch Reviews, thank you, Maddie!! (I actually stole it from google, but funny enough it was sited as coming from you!! Ha ha!! What sare the odds?!)   Thanks so much to Fiction no Chaser who nominated me for this award! Please go check out their blog where they ALSO... Continue Reading →


WORLD Whiskey Day, people! A DAY FOR US TO CELEBRATE TOGETHER!!!         What I'm Celebrating With     Yes, that is correct. I celebrated with Writer's Tears. I am an evil, evil woman. I apologize. I don't think I have been cruel to any writer's out there, and if I have been... Continue Reading →

Happy National Moscato Day!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL MOSCATO DAY!!!! Moscato is usually not my cup of tea... It's my glass of wine. HA HA HA! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Anyways, Moscato is not my favourite type of wine (it's too sweet for my tastes) but, for those out there who want a sweeter wine, HAVE AT HER! It's nice... Continue Reading →

Happy INTERNATIONAL Gin & Tonic Day!!!

That's right! An INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY!! Today on April 9th we can all celebrate! And, one of my favourite drinks!!! A gin & tonic is so light and refreshing. In the 1700s it was discovered by Scottish doctor George Cleghorn that quinine could be used to prevent and treat the disease. ... British officers in India... Continue Reading →

Blogger’s Bash Awards!!

Well, I can't believe it, but apparently I've been nominated for Best Book Review Blogger 2018!! I am absolutely speechless. In the 4 short months since I started this blog I NEVER would have expected this! And I am both incredibly grateful, and incredibly humbled. I'm amazed to even have been nominated!! I am up... Continue Reading →

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