Game On!! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Welcome back to another Game On!! Saturday, I'm going to be looking at the new Harvest Moon: Light of Hope this week! Release Date: May 29/18 Platforms: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) So, I did get this game for both Playstion 4 and Switch. I know... I just happen to be a LITTLE obsessed... Continue Reading →

Game On! 6 Rabbit Related Games On Steam To Get You Through Easter

Hey All!! I hope you're all enjoying a nice Easter weekend!! If this post is up than I'm, sadly, back at work... But, I hope that all of you are having a great weekend!  And, if not, I hope that I'm about to make it better. How about some video games to keep you occupied??... Continue Reading →

Game On! Forbidden Island

Hello All! Welcome to my 1st gaming post! I'm thinking of regularly doing these posts on Saturday's (because gaming is best on a weekend!) But, I couldn't wait to get my first post out to "Test The Waters!" .....ha ha ha! Ok. You'll see why that's funny when I explain my first game. ..Maybe. Today... Continue Reading →

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