Game On! Do You Know What Your Kids are Playing?

So, dealing with kids and video games every day has made me very surprised at what some people allow their children to play. Not only are children playing Mature rated games all the time (17+), there also the games that parents allow their children to play even though they don't seem to look into what... Continue Reading →

Game On!! – Star Wars I’ve got a Bad Feeling about This!

  It’s a battle to stay in the game! Players must outwit and outlast their rivals as they play from their hand and draw from the deck. The hilarity is in the cards themselves, whether it's playful perils, comical consequences, or galactic gags. Use an Escape! card to avoid the threat of the inevitable Nooo!... Continue Reading →

Game On! Forbidden Island

Hello All! Welcome to my 1st gaming post! I'm thinking of regularly doing these posts on Saturday's (because gaming is best on a weekend!) But, I couldn't wait to get my first post out to "Test The Waters!" .....ha ha ha! Ok. You'll see why that's funny when I explain my first game. ..Maybe. Today... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Toonopolis.. Leave Reality at the Door

4.5 out of 5 Stars It's Saturday morning (well, it is HERE at least!) so, what better to do with a Saturday morning than watch some Cartoons!! ...or read about them anyways! Some of you may remember my review from a little while ago for "Demonic Wildlife" which was a horror anthology. Well, one of my... Continue Reading →

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