Game On! Rick and Morty Total Rickall

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Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game is based on the Rick and Morty episode of the same name. You don’t need to watch the episode to enjoy the game, but it definitely doesn’t hurt!

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Rick has locked the family inside their house. Why? Because the family has grown. Parasites masquerading as family and close friends have infiltrated and have inserted pleasant memories into everyone’s minds to make them think they’re real — and more keep coming! You must figure out which of these new, zany characters are real and which ones are parasites that need to be exterminated. Think you’ve got what it takes to save the world?


This is a co-operative board game where everyone either wins or loses SO WORK TOGETHER PEOPLE! Using your action cards find out who is a parasite and take them out! You have to be careful not to shoot any “Real” characters though because 4 real kills and you all lose.

Place identity cards face down on the table in rows of 3, and place character cards face up on top of those. Each player gets action cards that they will play to try to determine who is “Real” and who is a “Parasite” or to shoot characters. The challenge is that you HAVE to play an action card EVERY TURN! Sometimes this can be a challenge as you may only have kill cards and you may have no idea wt that time who is, or is not, real! Do you have good luck?? We’ll find out!!

Total Rickall was a lot of fun! It’s a challenge if you don’t strategize properly as you all have to put down you action cards at the same time so, depending on how they play out… this can end VERY BADLY! You do not have to be a Rick & Morty fan to enjoy this game (BUT UNDERSTANDING THE REFERENCES DOES MAKE IT A LOT FUNNIER!)

There is also an advanced mode where you form teams and become characters that are either “Real” or “Parasites” and try to take out your opposing team. With a couple of different play modes it keeps the re-playablility high.

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    1. Ha ha!! Co-operative can DEFINITELY be good! I can be a bit of a sore loser myself sometimes, so co-operative is easier for me to lure people to play with me. 😂😉 This one could definitely be family friendly…. Minus all of the killing maybe. Ha ha!!

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