Santa Fe High School Shooting

I’m sorry to bring down Far Side Friday, but this had to be shared. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD?? When did it become so much easier to kill people than to share feelings and challenges?? TO TALK?!?!
Words cannot describe the rage and sorrow I am feeling right now.
I can’t understand the turn this world has taken.

By Hook Or By Book


After a school shooting in Dixon, Illinois was prevented on Wednesday by a school resource officer who shot the 19-year-old gunman before he could harm anyone, another mass shooting has taken place this morning at Santa Fe High School in Texas. 


Reports are still coming in, but right now local news affiliates are reporting there are at least eight fatalities. I honestly can’t say much else except to say as usual my thoughts and prayers are with the students, faculty, and first responders. (God, I am sick to death of saying this!)


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this is the twenty-second school shooting of 2018. On average, that’s one school shooting per week. Kind of leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?

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    1. Exactly. I can’t even wrap my mind around this. Is this how we’re teaching our children to solve their problems?? I don’t understand!! Dealing with people every day I see the sheer stupidity out there… But, there’s stupidity and there’s MURDERING PEOPLE! How does that seem okay to people?? How do they get to a point where they feel this is their only option??

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      1. Exactly!!! I just want to scream at my TV right now. At everyone!! Why are kids getting their hands on guns so easily? Why are they willing and able to use them on one another. Why aren’t we learning lessons from the tragedies that have happened before?!!! Why aren’t schools being given the resources they need to help children?

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    1. But, politicians can only do so much. I’m not going to stand up for them by any means. But, the access to information is ridiculous. If we make guns harder to get the these children will just go on the internet and build a bomb and 8 people could easily turn into 180.
      We need to TALK to our children. We need to do something. To TEACH them properly! It’s like we missed a step somewhere. I see all of these parents and kids in my store and I think… When did we forget HOW to be parents?? Kids are getting their information from unreliable sources that they take as God. They aren’t learning the way they should. I just don’t know what to do anymore…. But, we can’t blame EVERYTHING on politicians. We need to take some of that blame for ourselves.

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      1. Oh, believe me. I don’t just hold the politicians responsible. I completely agree with you Nicole. They’ve just been reporting that they’ve found explosives at the school and off campus. Society as a whole are failing our children in multiple ways. We have a violent culture as a whole. Bullying is still widely being ignored. Kids are under so much more stress now then we were. And there’s the internet and social media.

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      2. Exactly. People bother me about why I don’t have children when I’m in my 30s a d have been with the same man for a decade…. It’s honestly because I can’t stand the thought of bringing a child into this world. I know I can’t control what they do, or deal with all the time and I have too many people come into my store and I try to talk them out of a mature rated game for their 9 year old and they say “eh, they see and hear worse at school and such.” HUH???? Parents are just accepting things as something they can do nothing about, AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!
        It’s like saying we should all throw our trash on the ground because one person can’t help the environment anyways.
        Well, why don’t we all just kill ourselves now then, because if we keep up this defeatist attitude it’s going to come eventually anyways, right???
        Sorry. As you can tell, just a tiny bit pissed off at this situation. I still love you Kim. And thank you for letting me cry and rant and scream out to the universe…

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  1. It really is unbelievable….
    In our country we are only allowed to have a gun if you have a permit. Getting one isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and supervised training and tests before you can get a permit. We don’t have shops that sell guns either.
    I don’t live in the USA, so I don’t think I am really allowed to have an opinion about all of it… But it is rather insane this happens so often over there…I think a lot of people from Europe (or other continents) can’t wrap their head around what is happening over there.

    And to note on something I read in one of your comments, Nicole. I am in my early 30s, no children and me and my partner don’t want any either. A big taboo issue that is sometimes, but the way this world is….
    Also lets face it there are enough people on this planet as it is.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are at the point of no return when it comes to screwing up this world.

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    1. EXACTLY! I agree whole-heartedly. Why bring a child into a world that just seems to be failing more and more every day… I don’t live in the U.S either… But, I live close enough to feel it. It makes my heart ache. We have our fair share of horrible here too. People around the world just seem to be becoming more rude, more angry, more self-absorbed and more apathetic.. I just don’t know anymore.

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  2. I agree these shootings in “No Gun Zones” are tragic and my only daughter and her husband are not going to have any children either for some of the same reasons sited here. I believe in our Constitution and I exercise my 2nd Amendment as do many other responsible gun owners in my family. I truly believe if our schools would allow their teachers or administrators to have guns on campus that these mass killings would become less frequent. Shooters show up at places where they know no one will shoot back! Allow our children to be protected as well as our Politicians are and end this senseless loss of young lives.

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    1. The problem with that is the fallout from a teacher or administrator actually needing to USE said weapon. Shooting another child isn’t going to solve the problem and will wind up causing so many more.
      I don’t know what the solution is, honestly, but I don’t think that more or less weapons are going to solve anything.
      Maybe talking to our children more and trying to figure out what is causing this would be a start.

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  3. I don’t live in the US so don’t feel entitled to have an opinion ( but) I do as always…I am just shocked like many of us around the world and wonder what the hell is going on… Kids have too much access to violence either from games, the internet or just watching the news…Kids need to be talked to,,. to have someone they can talk their feelings through with…A crazy, violent world is emerging like a non stop train and that makes me so sad …

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve been saying the same thing. It’s easy to blame the government (and I’m not saying they shouldn’t help!) but, we need to be looking at why these kids are getting the point where they feel like KILLING is their only option. How is it getting to this point?? Or, because of the easy access information from a source other than parents and loved ones, is this just the option that they go to first now? I just don’t understand how we’ve come to this…

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      1. I think parents need to be more responsible and talk…my kids have always been able to talk to me… Some conversations were not easy but you have to be prepared for that and both sides need to be able to air their views without judgement and be willing to be able to give their take on the subject or situation ..Not just to agree or disagree but talk… I have always made a point of saying to my kids that I wouldn’t just say because I said so but would give an explanation as to my decision based on their age and understanding…Not easy and tempting when faced with an opinionated teenager but we have always agreed to disagree on some subjects with me being able to pull the I did tell you that would happen card.

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