Game On! – Love Letter


I really wanted to post this one the same week as my review of “His Sinful Touch” but I never got around to it, I would highly recommend making a weekend of it though!

The Premise

So, the story behind this game is that all of the players are trying to get their Love Letter to the Princess. The last card in your hand at the end of the round, is the person that you managed to give your letter to, so the higher up the chain that person is… the more likely it is that your letter got to the Princess!

Rules of Play

  1. Each player is given 1 card and 1 card is discarded for every player (so, some cards are just not available for the entire game to make it more challenging)
  2. Each person takes a turn picking a card from the draw pile and playing a card. You can play your original card, or the card you picked up, but you want to be the one with the highest card in your hand when they game ends.
  3. We continue to each player,Β  doing the same (remember to read the text on the cards, as they will help you out with different things as well)
  4. When the cards run out and everyone has only 1 card left, those are revealed and the highest denomination card wins.
  5. The winner is given a “token of affection” (and, according to the story, gets to have breakfast with the Princess). The one who receives X amount of “tokens of affection” (I believe the rules state 8, but it can be any best of a chosen amount of rounds) wins the Princess’s heart!



This game was actually A LOT more fun than I thought it was going to be! I picked it up for about $9.99 on sale, but it usually seems to range in price between that and $19.99 which is well worth the fun! A great game to pull out for a Girl’s Night, Date Night, or a Book Club Meeting with a good old Harlequin Romance!

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