Game On!! Vacation Edition- Who Wants to Play Crazy 8’s.. Drinking Game Style??

Hello All!

As some of you know, I was on vacation this week! (wait… but Nicole, you were online ALL THE TIME!!) Okay, so it was more of a WORKING VACATION.But, I was away up at my cottage.

What does Cottage Life mean? Why, it means playing Crazy 8’s as a drinking game, of course!

For those of you who don’t know how to play Crazy 8’s, the rules are as follows (I’m only going to state the rules that my man and I play with as, if I state all of the different variations… we’ll be here all day!)

  • Deal 8 cards to each player
  • Flip the top card over on the rest of the deck
  • Starting with the player to the right of the dealer, each player will put down a card that matches the card that is face up by either suit or value (eg. card facing up is a 6 of clubs. The next player can put down any card that it either a 6, or clubs) if the player does not have a playable card, they draw a card.
  • If a player plays a Jack, the next players turn is skipped.
  • If a player plays a 2, the next player has to pick up 2 cards (we play by the rules that these accumulate. So if I play a 2, my man would pick up 2. If HE THEN plays a 2, I pick up 4, etc)


How do you think those rules worked out for me?? My highest card count was 17! 

  • 8’s can be played at any time as they are “Crazy” and allow you to change the suit in play. You don’t have any diamonds, but you have an 8? You can change it to whatever you like.
  • Queen of spades causes the next player to pick up 5 (We do NOT allow those to build with the 2’s as some do… then it just gets out of hand!)
  • Play continues until someone is out of card. (When you are down to your last card, you must state “Last Card” out loud. If you do not, and the next player puts a card in play before you state it, you must pick up 2 more cards)


Cottage Crazy 8’s is Best Served with a Local Brew!!

In my case, I went with a Pale Ale from the Haliburton Highlands Brewery . It’s a wonderful brewery with different beers every season (I really wanted to go with their Spruce Beer that they had going this time, but they didn’t have any bottled at the time!) They just built a new facility which is GORGEOUS compared to the shed that they used to work out of!



Now that I’ve properly pushed one of my favourite Breweries of the area onto all of you, and made you crazy jealous, and have a strange urge to travel to the Haliburton/Minden Hills areas…. on to the drinking game!!

The Rules are Simple:

Follow the Rules above except:

  • When someone plays an 8, the next player must drink
  • When someone plays a 2, the next player must drink (as well as picking up 2.. the rules are still normal, the drink is just ADDED)
  • When someone plays a Jack, the skipped player must drink
  • If a player forgets to call “Last Card” they must take 2 drinks
  • When the Queen of Spades is played, the poor sap who gets hit with it has to take a shot, that is on reserve on the table for this!

I’m the one who came up with the Queen of Spades Rule… guess what Karma did to me for that one??




We also had some visitors come and hang out to watch us play!


At least SOMEONE was there to witness my VICTORY!!


Well, I hope you all enjoy a game of Crazy 8’s for yourselves!!




42 thoughts on “Game On!! Vacation Edition- Who Wants to Play Crazy 8’s.. Drinking Game Style??

Add yours

    1. There HAVE to be!! I’d be so surprised if they didn’t have Braille playing cards! …although, if you keep getting hit with the Queen of Spades you may have to have someone read the cards for you after a while! Ha ha!! I know I was feeling no pain!

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  1. Sorry, I’m still laughing at you getting bit on the ass by that bug. LOL! Thank you for sharing that. I needed something funny after yesterday’s awful news. It reminded me of the time a group of us went to Rock and Brews (don’t judge) and we sat outside on the patio with wooden benches and tables and I got a splinter in my ass and it had to be removed at urgent care. Sorry if that’s TMI, but we’re friends, right? And besides, sharing is caring. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha!! Definitely not TMI! And Rock and Brews sounds FANTASTIC!! Why would I judge?? Actually, I’m judging YOU for not BRINGING ME!! 👍👍
      Also, it wasn’t a bug that bit me in the ass, it was karma! Ha ha! I thought I was being smart coming up with the rule of doing a shot if the Queen of spades was played against you… Then I got hit with it FOUR TIMES!! HA HA!… My liver and ulcer was not pleased with that rule. 😆😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I’m dumb, I guess I didn’t catch what bit you on the ass. I literally thought that bug did. That’s what I get for reading when I’m distracted by other things. The game sounds way fun, though I’m a terrible card player, so you should play against me sometime. You’d totally win and your liver would thank you. LOL! Next time we hit Rock and Brews, I’ll invite you. 🙂 It’s not my scene, though the food was pretty good and the 80s hair band music videos playing in the background were fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. … Food? 80s hair band videos? …. I’m not even kidding. TAKE ME WITH YOU!! That sounds like so much fun!! 😀😍. It’ll feel more like your scene when we play some drinking crazy 8s 1st! 😂😂 Everything’s more fun after losing a few rounds! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I can’t believe there’s not a Rock & Brews in your general vicinity. You poor thing. You’re missing out on a total cheesy microcosm of American culture there. Tell you what. You make a trip to Albuquerque and I will take you there. Sound like a plan? And then you can get all the other cooking delights that I promised you. Shepherd’s pie? Check. Chocolate drop cookies? Check. Did I forget anything? LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh so you want to find yourself knocked on your ass and feeling like your brain got hit with a brick wrapped in lemon huh? Because that drink will do it, I promise. 🙂

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  2. Oh, you had me laughing the whole time! Those creepy crawlies saw your win? And one of them even had an extra set of “eyes!” 👀 I love crazy 8s and card games but have never played drinking crazy 8s! And at a cottage with moose things?! So much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha!! It was definitely a lot of fun!! The 2 fuzzy caterpillars were messing with us. One would hide and one would pop out making it think it was zooming around the porch crazy fast.. THE FASTEST CATERPILLAR EVER!! … Then we saw them both at once and understood there were just 2 of them. 😂😂🍻

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  3. New Crazy 8s rules!
    We’ll play the kids’ version, send them to bed, then try this one.
    So I hapen to find snakes and ladders to be the most booorrrrriiiinnngg game around. I’v fallen asleep while trying to get through that one with the offspring. How would you suggest we jazz that one up???

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha ha!! You do the shots, and make them do the silly stuff! You’ll be entertained in multiple ways!! 😂😂 For kids I would recommend a roll of the dice that makes them have to shove 2 marshmallows in their mouth and try to say a phrase! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. .. If you want to make it even MORE fun, you can add silly rules for rolling certain numbers. If you’re playing with friends it would be a riot to add things like, if you roll a 6 you have to impersonate someone, or if you roll a 2 you have to answer a “would you rather” provided by the next player… Things loke that! As the drinks were flowing it would probably get pretty hilarious!! 😂😂

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