Time for a Virtual Book Club… LET’S SOCIALIZE!! #VirtualBookClub #SocialDistancing #BookClub


Hello All,

The time has come!! Let’s remember that people are out there in the world. Let’s get our social juices flowing once more!! (ok… that sounded a little gross). Let’s shake off our “people-ing” cobwebs!


It’s been decided that we’re going to kick off this Virtual Book Club with “Father Figure” by James J. Cudney. Check out his amazing blog at This is My Truth Now. The author will HOPEFULLY be joining us, as well!! 

Father Figure

I am looking at a date between June 7th-June 13th to give us all plenty of time to read the book… the best part is that we’ll be finishing just in time for Father’s Day!! Perfect Timing!!


Between the fast-paced New York City, a rural Mississippi town and a charming Pennsylvania college campus filled with secrets, two young girls learn the consequences of growing up too quickly.

Abused by her mother, Amalia Graeme longs to escape her desolate hometown and fall in love. Contemplating her loss of innocence and conflicting feelings between her boyfriend and the dangerous attraction for an older man, Amalia faces life-altering tragedies.

Brianna Porter, a sassy, angst-ridden New York City teenager, yearns to find her life’s true purpose, conquer her fear of abandonment, and interpret an intimidating desire for her best friend, Shanelle. Desperate to find the father whom her mother refuses to reveal, Brianna accidentally finds out a shocking truth about her missing parent.

Set in alternating chapters two decades apart, the parallels between their lives and the unavoidable collision that is bound to happen is revealed. Father Figure is an emotional story filled with mystery, romance, and suspense.

Links to get your copy

Amazon U.S.

Amazon Canada

Amazon U.K.

Those who would like to join can comment, email, or DM me on any social media. We will meet on ZOOM for our discussion. If you would like to join, please include your preferred day of the week, time and time zone. I would love to work out a time and date that will work out for most people!

So, join up, start reading, and I’ll look forward to our chat with drink in hand!!

book club


22 thoughts on “Time for a Virtual Book Club… LET’S SOCIALIZE!! #VirtualBookClub #SocialDistancing #BookClub

Add yours

    1. Woo hoo!! I can’t wait to get started! I’m going to compile evrryone who wants to join and work out the best day and time. I may even do 2 different ones to get everyone involved. It’s hard to find a good time with people from times zones so far apart! 😅

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    2. Yes, please, yes, please,yes, please! I missed Jay’s last live event, I’m not missing this one. (Plus this will give me the push I need to actually *finish* reading Father Figure, the only book of Jay’s I haven’t yet read.)

      I also am in Canada, in the Mountain time zone. I don’t care when this is, though, I’m making it here/there. If I had to pick a time/day, Tuesday/Friday/Saturday would probably work best for me but I can/will do it any day, any time.

      And then, when I know when it is, I will actually set a reminder so I don’t forget.

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    1. It was great! I can’t wait to be able to discuss it with people. Sometimes you just want to throw your thoughts in peoples faces and have different thoughts thrown in yours!! I WANT ALL OF THE THOUGHTS!! (… You can tell by that response that “people-ing” has definitely slipped through my fingers…. 🙄)

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    1. Ha ha! Don’t worry. I’m going to make this happen!! Either, I’ll figure out a time within our daytime hrs, or I’ll create 2 times that work. I don’t mind taking a day to socialize, talk about books, and maybe have a drink or 2! 😜

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  1. Wow! This is so exciting… I would totally love to join in. I can’t wait to share this and have an amazing book club. I miss talking about books in an actual club setting. 🙂

    You are awesome!!! Thank you.


  2. I loved this book and would love to discuss it. I am in Eastern time, also in Canada. I will definitely have to reread or at least skim to refresh my memory, but that is okay. Time and date are pretty flexible, but I never know when my kids might need me to help with something. Keep me posted.

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