Jane Austen Fan Fiction/Pisces Month: Mr. Darcy’s Mermaid by Norma de Plume

2 out of 5 Stars Synopsis Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy are content with their lives, in and out of their private chambers. When the Bingleys visit to search for their own estate in Derbyshire, Jane's pregnancy serves as a reminder of the one thing that would complete their lives; an heir for Pemberley. Concerned by... Continue Reading →


Hello All!! Today in 1933 the end of Prohibition came to the United States! So, in Celebration I've had a bit of a Post Prohibition party!! Here are some recipes that I enjoyed! Gin Lime Rickey For all that leftover bathtub gin! 2oz Gin 2 tablespoons lime juice Club Soda Take a highball glass and... Continue Reading →

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