Food For Thought: SuperBowl Sunday!!

Well, the Pats won.... Again. Ugh. (Sorry Kim, I just can't cheer for Brady! GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A TURN!!) But, at least I got some good food out the the deal!! I made a snack mix in the LA Rams colours. Ok, so their colours are TECHNICALLY Blue and Gold... But, try to find things... Continue Reading →

Food For Thought: Happy National Ravioli Day!!!!

Ok.... So, National Ravioli Day was actually Tuesday (March 20th) and I'm a horrible human being for posting this late. BUT, HOMEMADE RAVIOLI EVERYONE!!! You have to forgive me because life got in the way (o.k... work.) but, I had time today and decided to have my own belated Ravioli Day! ... Probably how my... Continue Reading →

Happy National Potato Chip Day!!

National Potato Chip Day?!?! UMMM... YES, PLEASE?? Everyone, grab your favourite bag of chips! .... I've got mine! and let's DO THIS!! And, now for my recipe!! Or... the food I chose to make on this glorious Day to celebrate this glorious Snack food!! Why, Nicole... Is that an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese and... Continue Reading →

Food For Thought..Happy National Stuffed Mushroom Day, And Superbowl Sunday!!

Happy National Stuffed Mushroom Day!! And coincidentally, it falls on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!! So, I have a dilemma with this years Superbowl... I don't know who to cheer for!! I'm not a fan of Tom Brady (please, don't start hitting your unfollow buttons... I'm sorry.) (and no, it's not because of his deflated balls specifically... Lol!)... Continue Reading →

Food For Thought…Happy National Spaghetti Day!!

Well, I've been thinking of other things to post about to rest my tired liver every once in a while.... Although, I could very well mix things up with a drink and food pairing, or a food and book pairing... Let's get crazy! So, It's National Spaghetti Day and originally I was thinking of featuring... Continue Reading →

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