Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day!!

Hello All! As promised, it's the unveiling of a special day!! The 3rd Thursday of November every year is the release of the first Beaujolais Nouveau wines!!! These started as wines made from Gamay grapes in the Beaujolais region of France and has since extended from there to other areas. These wines were only fermented... Continue Reading →

Happy National Moscato Day!!!

HAPPY NATIONAL MOSCATO DAY!!!! Moscato is usually not my cup of tea... It's my glass of wine. HA HA HA! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Anyways, Moscato is not my favourite type of wine (it's too sweet for my tastes) but, for those out there who want a sweeter wine, HAVE AT HER! It's nice... Continue Reading →


4 out of 5 Stars As with all aristocracy. The beauty is only skin deep but the betrayal is through and through.. In a society where the Firstborn is the Aristocracy, the Secondborn are the labour workers and soldiers and the Thirdborn is unheard of and the parents of such are killed on discovery. "We,... Continue Reading →


So, Happy National Sangria Day All! When I found out December 20th was National Sangria Day, I was very confused. Sangria?? In December?? WHY??? I scoured the interweb to no avail. It was to remain a mystery... And then the Holiday Season hit, and the stress, and the lack of sleep, and the cold....Okay, so... Continue Reading →

The Twelve Days of Christmas…Day 8

Book the Eighth 3.5 out of 5 Stars From New York Times Bestselling author of 'The Bookman's Tale' comes a somewhat different novel! I promised my dad that I would read and review this book for my Twelve Days of Christmas, and I was glad that I did. Although, maybe a little far-fetched it was... Continue Reading →

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