Happy National Drink Wine Day!!!

So, It’s National Drink wine Day! How better to celebrate than to…. DRINK WINE!! 

wine day

And look at wine related memes! So, grab you’re wine, and lots go!

national drink wine day

bottoms up

wine with murder

classy people

i love you wineon my birthday

sexy wine

mouth to mouth

win withan e

bruno mars

I hope everyone enjoys their Wine today (or, everyday!)




22 thoughts on “Happy National Drink Wine Day!!!

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    1. Yay!! Time to have a belated “National Drink Wine Day!” I’m kind of doing the same because it’s my parental unit day! Which means QUITE A BIT OF DRINKING WINE!! (and that is WITH them… not BECAUSE of them!) Lol! I don’t want you to think that I have to drink wine to deal with my parents!

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