My Name in TBR Tag

I’d like to thank the wonderful KimchiSama for nominating me for this a million years ago (yes, before the Earth was even around, KimchiSama wanted me to spell out my name in TBR books… so it is written, so is it told.)

And someone else… I’m SO SORRY to whoever you are!! Let me know in the comments section if you remember, because I went through about 70 pages of comments and couldn’t find a link!! Lol! (I’m nothing if not diligent! …As I am DEFINITELY NOT ORGANIZED!!!)

Well, it is FAR too easy to just use Nicole… I have way too long a TBR list for that to be even remotely helpful!!

T the things we learn when we're dead.jpg check it out here

H wp-1524496788318..jpeg check it out here

E eternity check it out here

B The Blackthorn Key.jpg check it out here

O olive kitteridge check it out here

O our house.jpg check it out here

K kitchen check it out here

W what jane austen ate check it out here

O oddjobs.jpg check it out here

R my ritual grave.jpg check it out here

M the mars room check it out here

D the Drunken Botanist.jpg check it out here

R rhapsodic check it out here

I I've got this round check it out here

N neighbourly check it out here

K king of elflands daughter check it out here

E Elizabeth.jpg check it out here

T this is a taco check it out here

H home to roost check it out here

So, I’ll tag a couple of my fellow readers! Do, or Do Not… there is no try. I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. What I mean to say is feel free to continue the Tag, or not!

Nina over at The Cozy Pages

Emma at DampPebbles

Shreya at Bookwormtopia

J.A Sullivan at Writing Scared

James J Cudney at This is my Truth (just because you thought you were caught up!! MUAHAHA!!)

28 thoughts on “My Name in TBR Tag

Add yours

      1. Can’t wait to see what you think!! I don’t know when I’ll be getting to it.. Soon. But, I have gotten myself in a little over my head recently so I’ve got A LOT of catching up to do! Lol! Rockstar Book Tour needs to stop getting me on book tours like 5 days before my stop!!

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    1. Didn’t I tell you, she is pure devil? Why do you think I check if she is online and then write comment? OK good comment in her blog, and ummmm ummmm not so good comment on mine. But this time, Nina did it.

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      1. Huhhh nooo Nina has been taking classes from you. She is trying to be a DEVILETTE. Yikes… I am surrounded by the flames of devils


    1. I can’t WAIT to read that one! Sherlock Holmes with COMEDY and MAGIC?!?! YES PLEASE!! (Man… Writing back to so many comnents at one time makes me realize that I use A LOT of caps and A LOT of emojis!!! ….. *shrug* THANK YOU FOR READING!! 💖👍😆😂🥂🍻😉

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