The… Somewhat Offensive Version of the Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

Hello All! Well, as I said before.... things have been BONKERS lately, and I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blog posts and visits in September. So sadly, Cozy Sunday (Jane Austen edition) which would have normally gone up today, will need to be postponed. But.... AWARD POST!!!! Woot woot! Thank you to Drew @the... Continue Reading →

Out of This World Blogger Award!!

I stole this header picture from Munch Reviews, thank you, Maddie!! (I actually stole it from google, but funny enough it was sited as coming from you!! Ha ha!! What sare the odds?!)   Thanks so much to Fiction no Chaser who nominated me for this award! Please go check out their blog where they ALSO... Continue Reading →

One Lovely Blog Award!!

Hello! I was nominatedd for this award SO LONG AGO by Chloe over at The Spooky RedHead Sorry this took me so long to get to!! 1. What’s your favourite thing to drink on a cold winter’s day? Mmmm.... a Jameson's Winter Warmer!! Check out my recipe HERE. 2. What’s something that you used to... Continue Reading →

Blogger’s Bash Awards!!

Well, I can't believe it, but apparently I've been nominated for Best Book Review Blogger 2018!! I am absolutely speechless. In the 4 short months since I started this blog I NEVER would have expected this! And I am both incredibly grateful, and incredibly humbled. I'm amazed to even have been nominated!! I am up... Continue Reading →

Awards, Awards, Awards!

So, apparently I was nominated for a couple of awards by some wonderful WONDERFUL people while I was sunning myself on the beach! So now  to thank them and tell you all that you NEED to check out their blogs!! So, Thank You to Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime  who writes wonderful... Continue Reading →

The Brotherhood of the World Award

Hello All, Thank you to Claire over at who Nominated me  for The Brotherhood of the World Award for Bloggers. Here are the rules for this award: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the questions sent to you. Nominate around ten bloggers. Create your set of questions for... Continue Reading →

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