May the Forth be With You… Now, LET’S DRINK!!


Now, I’m going to level with you all…. I WAS A HUGE STAR WARS NERD!!!! Notice how I said “WAS”. This was until George Lucas killed the franchise and then allowed Disney to get it’s greedy little paws on it…. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I LOVED the original trilogy!! I mean it when I say LOVED. I took fanatic to a whole new level… I could speak Ewok AND Hutese.

I even mailed out fan fiction to George Lucas himself! (Until his secretary mailed me back telling me that I was infringing on copyright and to stop. Not kidding. WAY TO CRUSH A CHILD’S DREAM GEORGE LUCAS!!!!)

Well, I just so happen to STILL HAVE THAT STORY!! And I am going to post it RIGHT NOW!! TAKE THAT!! *shakes fist at the copyright Gods* So, here we go!!!

*DISCLAIMER- I WROTE THIS AT THE TENDER AGE OF 12, SO BE NICE!!!* …..Also, there is a lot of character and situational references from the extended Star Wars universe (I literally read every Star Wars novel written in the 90s.. so, don’t feel bad if you don’t understand! Lol!


Early morning on Yavin 5, dew hung heavily on the fresh green jungle foliage. Luke Skywalker walked out of his Jedi Academy, his mind was somewhere else this morning. He didn’t even think of where he was going. He walked through the large massassi trees trying to find what was wrong. There was something coming to him through the Force, but he couldn’t quite grasp the picture. Then suddenly it came to him.

He was sitting in a small ship trying to push it to the limits as if to get away from something. There was someone beside him but he couldn’t make out the face. He could tell it was female. She was wearing grey coveralls.


Luke strained to see the person’s face. It was becoming clearer. Then suddenly there was a flash of light and the little ship he was sitting in erupted into a sheet of flames! He heard himself cry out in surprise and pain. The that was it. The scene was done.

Luke’s eyes sprang open though he didn’t remember closing them. It is the future you see. He remembered Yoda telling him back when he saw  his friends in pain in Bespin, the cloud city, when Darth Vader had caught them and put Han in carbonite and shipped him off to Jabba’s Palace.

Luke had dies in the scene he had just seen. He had died in that little ship all the way out in space with only that girl he didn’t see by his side.

He had felt an extra emotion while in the ship. It was directed towards the girl sitting beside him. It was love. A love he hadn’t felt since Callista. Suddenly Luke felt sadness sweep over him as if he had just opened an old wound. It hadn’t been long ago that Callista had left saying she couldn’t stay with him until she could accept the fact that she had lost her Jedi powers.

Juke headed back to the Jedi Academy but stopped when he reached it. He began admiring the handy work his students had done on rebuilding it after the attack by the Shadow Academy. Its looks were the same as the old one had looked, but it had a certain feeling about it. It was something the students could be proud about, something they had all put together with their own hands as one person. He looked proudly over the plasta-crete pyramid, the sun glinting off its windows, and smiled.

But his thoughts were cut short when someone sleared its throat and then spoke quietly,

“Master Skywalker?” The voice startled Luke, snapping him from his daydream. He jusmped visibly then turned trying to gain his calm composure back.

Behind his stood Tenel Ka Djo in her lizard hide tunic and her red hair braided around her head. Luke smiled. She looked like a regular warrior and she reminded Luke so much of her mother Tenenial Djo when Luke met Tenenial on the planet Dathomir where she had been a warrior and tried to claim Luke as her husband but Tenenial had fallen in love with the Prince of Hapes, Isolder, Leia’s courter and now she was the Princess of Hapes. Tenel Ka had decided to stick with her mother’s heritage as a Dathomirian.

Right now Tenel Ka stood in an unconcious fighting stance and looked at his seriously.

“We are awaiting the assembly. When you didn’t show up we thought something must have happened.” she said curtly.

Assembly? Luke thought, wha…? Og yes! He had called an assembly the day before!

“Oh, fine Tenel Ka, I’ll be right there,” Luke said tiredly. It was then that Tenel Ka must have noticed the strain on Luke’s face, for she looked at him worriedly and asked,

“Master Skywalker? Are you feeling alright?” Her voice was full of concern, and the features on her face showed the same.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just tired I guess,” Luke replied.

“Would you like me to call off the assembly? We could re-schedule it if you want…”

“NO!” Luke yelled, We mustn’t re-schedule there may not be time!” The he calmed down, Just go into the assembly room and I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Tenel Ka walked hurridley back into the building and Luke followed trying to clear his mind to the horrible image of him and that girl exploding in the ship. Why hadn’t his Jedi senses to him of the danger?

Or maybe they had.

He must train his Jedi all they have to know in case this deadly scene should actually befall him. He may never come back.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..”Do you know what Uncle Luke called the assembly for?” Jacen Solo asked excitedly, his liquid brown eyes shining with excitement as he took his seat next to Tenel Ka. Ever since the mysterious Dathomirian girl had kissed him after they had saved the human species frm the Emperor’s plague he had started to wonder if there was something more between them than met the eye.

“No, we will just have to wait,” she answered in her usual serious tone that always seemed to say “And that’s final!” It was the voice Jacen and Jaina and all of their friends had grown accustomed to hearing when they got in trouble or just wanted to here froma  friend.

Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd of Jedi trainees as Luke walked onto the stage, his brown Jedi robes swirling around him, and the air of a highly respected man following him. The sunlight shone through the skylight falling gently on the troubled features of his face which made his students uncomfortable because nothing ever broke Luke’s reserved Jedi attitude.

Luke stepped up to the podium and cleared his throat, although everyone’s attention was already on him and the room was perfectly quiet. He began talking, trying to keep the worry out of his voice with no success,

“I am not pleased to inform you that there is a new War Lord in what is left of the Empire, this one is stronger than ever and…” His voice grew low, “Talented in the ways of the Dark side of the Froce. His name is Admiral Takyeesh, from the planet Bendomar. We must be on gaurd because the Cheif of State has called to inform me that he plans to attack the New Republic to try to strengthen the Empire.”

Jacen, who was sitting mesmirized along with the rest of the group smiled despite the grim news, at hearing his Uncle Luke refer to his own sister, who was Jacen’s mother, as Chief of State. Jacen turned back to Luke who had continued his speech.

“We have been asked to defend the New Republic at the time of battle, so we must take drastic measures. You all fought well against the Shadow Academy, but this will be even more difficult. When I get more information about the attack we will have another assembly. Now, I wish for you all to return to the tasks you were asked to perform, but be on gaurd. Dismissed.”

Luke turned and walked hurriedly off the stage.

Jacen turned to his twin sister Jaina beside him, who was sitting in her stained brown flight suit and her straight brown hair tousled. She looked as though she must have been working with Lowie on his T-23. Lowbacca, their young Wookie friend and the nephew of his Dad’s oldest friend and co-pilot Chewbacca, turned his shaggy chestnut brown head towards the group and gave a couple of short barks, and Em-teedee his little translator droid who was floating on his repulsors beside him began into an immediate translation,

“Master Lowbacca wishes to ask your opinion on the assembly.” The droid said in its metallic voice. Jaina turned towards her friend at her side,

“I’m not quite sure. I’m still trying to figure out how to react to news like this. You’d think with all we’ve been thorugh we’d be used to it,” she said in a dazed and surprised voice. All the friends solemnly nodded their agreement.

“Yeah. I know what you mean,” Jacen said quietly. Then he brightened. “I know what to do in the meantime! How about a joke?” This idea was met by groans all around. Jacen loved to tell jokes, even if they were pretty lame. Jacen frowned in concentration then said,

“How cold does it get on Hoth?” he asked. When the question was met with silence he replied, “O below-Wan! Get it? Like Obi-Wan?”

Jaina groaned,

“Sorry brother, but I think that was probably you worst one yet!” Jacen looked hurt at this comment and replied,

“Hey, I’m running out of material since you guys need cheering up so often.”

“This is a fact.” Tenel Ka replied with her usual saying.

Jaina smiled, stood, smoothed out her flight suit, then turned to  Lowie,

“We should probably get back to work, huh?” Lowie roared in agreement and headed out of the auditorium leaving Jacen and Tenel Ka still on the bench.

Jacen looked around the large auditorium and was surprised to see that it was already almost empty except for a few groups of people milling around whispering to each other in low urgent voices,

“So, what do you think about what Master Luke talked about?” Asked a voice beside him. Jacen turned and saw Tenel Ka staring at him expectantly with steel grey eyes,

“I’m not so sure I have an opinion,” Jacen replied uncertainly. “I guess I’m still excited over the news. Imagine a new War Lord! Will this never end?!” He looked over trying to judge her reaction. Tenel Ka looked thoughtful for a moment then answered slowly,

“War is not something to get excited about.” Jacen looked at the ground embarrassed and disappointed the he had answered wrong. After a slight pause she continued, “Although I cannot say I am not glad for a good fight.” She said, and at this Jacen’s face brightened,

“Yes, we’ll really get ’em,” He suddenly yelled unable to contain his excitement and feeling ready for a fight. “How about we go check out what Jaina and Lowie are up to?” He asked, and without waiting walked out with Tenel Ka not far behind him.


“Lowie, will you pass me the reverse power couplinks?” Jaina asked from under the ship. A grimy hand popped out form below waiting for them to be passed to her, but before Lowie could pass them someone grabbed them and dropped them into her outstretched hand.

“That wasn’t Lowie. Well, unless he went and shaved the fur off his hand while I wasn’t looking!” Jaina’s muffled voice called quizically. She slid out from beneath the ship to see Raynar standing beside a surprised Lowie, smiling timidly.

Jaina was surprised to see him there too. He had gone home with his mother to mourn over the death of his father Bornrn Thul after he died from the Emperor’s plague.

Now he stood shy and smiling, although Jaina noticed a misty faraway look in his usually clear eyes,

“Thought you might need a hand.” He said.

“Oh, sure!” Jaina replied happily, as she slid back under the little ship,

“Pass me those converters?” she asked. They worked for a while longer in silence until Jacen and Tenel Ka met up with them,

“So, what did you guys think of Unle Luke’s assembly?” He asked, smiling mischieviously, “Are you ready for a fight?”

“As ready as I can be.” Jaina answered nervously, “Think we have a chance?”

They looked at one another sadly.

Did they have a chance?

Would they lose their friends to the fight?

Those questions, they knew, would soon be answered.


Okay… so, this store was WAY LONGER than I thought it was going to be… notice that said CHAPTER 1?? Well, I’m going to stop there, because I want this post to get out while it’s STILL MAY 4TH!! Does anyone want more?? Let me know if the comments section and we’ll make this a Star Wars WEEK!!! 


star wars cat


star wars love


star wars stormtrooper


star wars wrong

So, I decided to put my hair in Leia’s crown braid that she wore on Hoth… this turned into more of a Pintrest Fail sort of situation though….

leia hoth.jpg



Did I get it??? Ha ha!!

Now, on to the DRINK!!!! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!! (Sorry to make you wait so long!!!

Today we are going to make …

Tatooine Blue Milk

Luke tatooine milk.jpg



  • 3 ounces of milk
  • 1 ounce of cream
  • 1 ounce of coconut rum
  • 1 ounce of amaretto
  • 2 ounces of blue curacao


  1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for 20-30 seconds until chilled.
  2. Pour into glass
  3. CHEERS!!!


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    1. Ha ha! Well, 12 year old Nicole is very happy! Thank you!! I did not have a whole team… just me and one reluctant man-child. Ha ha ha!!! And the drink is SO GOOD!! I definitely got my calcium for the day!!


  1. Hahahahahaha.
    I think George’s secretary was worried you’d put him out of a job. That’s brilliant.
    Happy Stars Wars Day Nicole. The blue drink looks good but I’m still in the mood for a Mudslide…. 😉

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  2. should have been employed to write scripts and that was at twelve…I think I would have to shut my eyes to drink that drink it sounds awesome but looks like medicine…Maybe it would clear my cough 🙂

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  3. You wrote that when you were 12? A budding writer, for sure, and I love the hair! My grandson used to make me talk Wokie (probably spelled wrong) until my throat hurt. His mom got to be Leah and I had to be Chewbacca. Ha ha. That drink sounds really good!

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    1. Ha ha ha!!! I can just picture you speaking Wookie!! (you were close. 😉) I bet you’re a closet star wars fan. 😂😂🍻 And thank you! I’m glad you liked the story! Feel free to check out the rest of it over the next few days if you’re brave enough. 😉🍻💖💖😄

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  4. You totally killed it. I mean, really…at 12? That’s awesome! 💪🙃📖🧐
    I’ve got lost in the characters but I guess it’s normal with Star Wars. But I liked the writing well done 👍

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      1. You look great! Did you ever see the episode of “Friends” where Rachel dresses up as Princess Leia as part of one of Ross’s fantasies? Lol! Do you have a secret Return of the Jedi costume hidden in your closet?

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      2. I have! Funny enough, my man and I are re-watching Friends right now! And Hells Ya, girl! Slave Leia ALL THE WAY!! I would have put it on for the picture.. But, I didn’t want to acquire followers THAT WAY! 😉😂👍😆

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      3. I think you look awesome, I just also love to give nerds a lot of grief. Haha! I’m presuming you saw the episode of Friends where Rachel dresses up as Princess Lea to fulfill Ross’s perverted Star Wars fantasy? LOL! I’m guessing you have a secret Princess Leia Return of the Jedi costume stashed away in your closet, don’t you? 🙂

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  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fanfiction and I DEMAND to read more. Please make my week by making it a Star Wars week : D
    I’ve read some of the Star Wars novels – mostly the recent-ish ones though. And I’m guilty of this but I do like the sequel trilogy movies . . . ? Probably cuz I’m a new gen fan or something. But the originals are the closest to my heart and nothing can beat them *insert heart here*. I liked the prequels too but not the biggest fan of them.
    And that Leia hairdo is perfection! You also look really pretty in it : )
    Also I know this is a day late but may the fourth be with you ; )

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    1. Thank you!! Chapter 2 of my fan fic is up if you want to attempt it. Ha ha!! And thank you for saying my hair looked good and I looked pretty *blush blush* I really appreciate it. I hate posting pictures of myself and i had to take off my tin foil hat to do my hair!! (“the man” is on to me now…)

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  6. Omg, you look so innocent, where is the horns, the forked tongue and the pitchfork, fires of hell? Yikes, talk about appearances being deceiving…
    The devil always wears the skin of goodness and fools people.
    But on a serious note, you are simply beautiful

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      1. Only you Nicole, only you would convert this into the compliment. Aww girl you are the best…
        Since you are being so cute, and you look soooo pretty and innocent, I am forced to tell you, you have been blamed by me on my post…. Well it’s becoming a routine mentioning you… Well, you are that popular.. Kinda sorta maybe 😉😉😜😜

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      2. Well, I work then too, most of the time… My fun days are random… But, they will be during the week, and there will be 2 of them.. Except in December… Then there’s only 1 and I have 50hr work weeks. 😝😦


  7. Oh my! Just read chapter 1… you are definitely a Star War nerd. But a lovable one. I don’t think I know which characters are real or not real besides Han Solo, Leia, Luke, and Chewbacca. Were the rest all your creations or just the actions happening? Good job for putting yourself out there back when you were 12 and again now.

    When was that hair from? Recent or long ago?

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