Throwback Thursday-What I Thought was Cool!

I was chatting with Nina at The Cozy Pages earlier, and some questionable fashion choices from my past came up. I promised that I would post some pictures of these choices for a Throwback Thursday post, so HERE THEY ARE!! (Keep in mind, a lot of my choices now probably aren’t much better!!)


My grade 8 Graduation… keep in mind, the glasses are 3D glasses with the lenses popped out. You will see that powder blue bucket hat A LOT! I don’t think it left my head for about 2-3 years.



The High school years. I wanted to be a hippie.



I stole all of my dad and grandfather’s ties and used to wear them all the time! (Okay… I may still have a few of those and may still bust them out here and there!)




My High School prom (I shaved my head a little while before this and this is my hair growing back… I’m talking Sinead O’Connor… I’m talking G.I Jane. This is what I used to do when I was bored. I was driving around with my boyfriend at the time one day and said something about shaving my head, he said “you want to?” so we went into his backyard and shaved all my hair off. My older sister was so embarrassed she told everyone I had cancer.) You can’t really tell, but the dress has spiderwebs all over it,  and the “cape” I’m wearing is a silk skirt that I had.

Well, now that I’ve made a fool of myself, TIME TO HAVE A DRINK!!


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    1. And I’m sure we ALL look back and question our fashion choices! Never has there been a person who has looked back on their past selves and say “man, was I stylish!!”. If someone says they do, I call them a liar! (and I want to see pictures!)

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  1. I salute you. I bow down to your greatness. Hands down best post of the year!!! ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂
    Seriously… I thought the best part was the bucket hat. But you voluntarily did the GI Jane??? Hahaha. And I’m loving your sister’s ‘solution’ 🤣😄😂😄

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    1. Ya. My sister definitely loves her extremes!! This is what happens when crazy people get bored!! 😂😂😂 I’m glad you enjoyed. I did this all for you!! 😘🍻 I definitely needed a drink after posting so I wouldn’t rip it down immediately! 2 glasses of wine later, I feel a little better 😅😂🍷🍷

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      1. Hahahahahahaha. The wonders of that wonderful drink. Hey, if you were happy and confident enough to shave it all off to begin with….
        another day after a few tequila shots maybe you’ll put up the ‘right after the shave’ photos 😄🥂🍷🥂

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      2. Nope. My man had said once is enough. Ha ha! Apparently he’s not into that look. 😉😉😂😂 Plus, bald is okay with my youthful face back then… I don’t think it would work with this wrinkled mug! 😉😂😉🍻

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    1. Ha ha! Thank you, Michel! I’m definitely more comfortable after the wine last night and all the nice things people have been saying!! They should see my fashion sense now… I probably should change it since I don’t know if women in their 30s should be wearing loli dresses and knee socks… But, too bad!! 😂😂🍻

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      1. Hey…if there is one thing you should always keep in mind is that you should dress the way you want to yourself, and never care about what others think of it…that and always keep thinking you are young at heart😊

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  2. Hahaha you looked cute with the hat and the prom dress was fab. Actually I think you are bold and sweet. And loved your attitude. Beautiful post. I don’t have a sense of fashion or any fashion for that matter… But I didn’t find anything in the photos… Hahaha😂😂

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    1. Thank you, love! Ha ha! I’m definitely feeling a little better about my fashion decisions after all the nice things people have been saying! (especially since my fashion sense isn’t much better now!) 😂😂


  3. I actually really like your short hair. Some people can pull it off and you are definitely one of them! 😊 Those early days pictures are so much fun going through, seeing how fashion changed throughout years, what we wore and how cool we thought we were… love them! 😂😂😂

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    1. Thank you!! I haven’t had my hair short in a while, but I definitely used to love it! I even cut it myself because I couldn’t rationalize paying someone for something I could do myself! (I’ve been to a proper salon ONCE in about 20 years!)

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    1. It’s an old 50s frilled fronted tuxedo shirt. 😂😂 That was a prized possession of mine, along with what we used to call my “couch pants” I don’t have a picture of my wearing them, but I’m pretty sure I still own them.. They were brown plaid polyester bell bottoms. 😂😂

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  4. This is such a fun and interesting post!!! I used to wear 3D glasses with the lenses popped out too HAHA. I also wore Hello Kitty frame glasses (just the frames). I feel like it was trendy some years ago.

    I really like how you wore ties. I think that’s such a cool look. I just love it. I don’t think these are embarrassing at all! These are unique and fun. 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for checking them out!! It’s great to have so many wonderful people around to make me feel better about my choices, wither they weren’t so bad, or we are ALL huge geeks… Either way, I’m fine with it! 😂😂🍻

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    1. Ha ha! My sister was very creative. 😉😂 I wish I had closer pictures, as well! Whoever took the pictures probably liked how weird my dress is. I still have the dress and some people are trying to con me into posting a “now” picture of me wearing it, so toy may get your wish! 😉

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