But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 2: Finding Families? Or Pimping out Children?

Welcome back to another But I Digress…. Hallmark Christmas Movie Edition!! Man, the deep questions that these movies cause me to ask!!

Question #2 came from My One Christmas Wish



Seriously, am I getting jaded? I used to watch these movies and just take them for what they were. Now, I keep questioning things!

I just finished watching “My One Christmas Wish” Where Jackie Turner, after helping a group of troubled teens, embraces her own troubled past and realizes that she wants a family for the holidays. So, what does she do?? Why, she puts an ad on Craig’s List of course!! Offering $8.00 an hr for anyone who wants to be her family.

Beyond the copious plugs for Craig’s List (sorry Craig… Pretty sure Ebay, Amazon and Kijiji have kicked you out of the running!!) WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?!? But, I suspended my questions and decided to roll with it. I mean, it’s Hallmark.

if loving you is wrong.gif


The responses started rolling in and Jackie realizes that there are other people out there looking for family as well. So, she decides to throw a party for all of these people to get together and find family… Again, good sentiment! But, she lost me when she started shoving children at couples so they could get to know each other and spend the holiday together. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE PEOPLE!! You met them on CRAIG’S LIST!!! They could want to EAT the children for Christmas for all you know!!


honey i shrunk the kids.gif


Even beyond that, what if the couples that come don’t like any of the children there? Well, that’s not traumatizing AT ALL!!

So, on top of everything, this was a true story. Apparently, this actually happened. A beautiful story if it all worked out. The sentiment is there. I really hope that the logic and love followed.

What are your thoughts on this movie? Am I crazy and reading too much into it again? Or, is it too much like some kind of child trafficking? Would you trust spending Christmas with a family found of Craig’s List?? Or, trust having a child spend Christmas with a family you met on Craig’s List??

37 thoughts on “But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 2: Finding Families? Or Pimping out Children?

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  1. My thought was if she paid people for their time at the party? Because that sounds expensive. Also, if you’re paying the children… do you have to work around child labor laws? I think you have valid questions and bring up good discussion points. 🙂

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    1. I don’t think she was paying them anymore when she got other people involved. I think that was just for the people who would be HER family…
      It’s funny though, because in the end a professor at her school takes her in for Christmas and allows Jackie to spend it with her (the professor’s) family. I felt like that would be really awkward (and kind of like you’re rubbing your happy family in Jackie’s face. “this is how Christmas is for us EVERY YEAR!!”) And I wonder if, at the end of the night, she walked up and said “I’ll take that $8 an hour now!” they left that part out! 😂😂

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  2. I have no idea what this movie is about…. But I just got my TV set up… Today… Got to switch it on now… 😂 😂
    But based on what you told me, if I want to send time with children, I would volunteer in an orphanage…. Though I am a nice person, I would still meet the child in a public neutral place rather than getting him/her home.
    I wanted to set up TV to see cute movies… You are NOT HELPING

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    1. I’m not helping as in you want to watch these movies? Or you don’t? 😂😂
      These are cute movies…. If you don’t think a out them too much. Once you allow yourself to turn you brain on during one of them it usually doesn’t end well. Just leave your brain in the off position and you’ll be fine. 😉🤣


  3. He he, glad to hear gold old Hallmark gives us something to ponder about. 😄 (As I said previously, I can totally binge on these movies! 🙂 )

    To answer your questions: No to placing the ad and certainly No to sending my child to such an event. I also cannot believe someone would do that. There are many lonely people around this time of the year but placing an add and inviting a bunch of complete strangers into one’s home is really weird…

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    1. Ya… I understood the sentiment of the movie. But, when you really thought about the situation (which obviously I did!) it just made me go “wait… What??”
      I have watched WAT TOO MANY Hallmark movies…. Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve probably hinged about 30 of them… My man is ready to get me help. 😉😅


  4. Wait, I might be missing something here but, where did the children come from? Families who didn’t want to spend Christmas with them or orphans or what? And no, I would put up an ad like that and I sure as H would pair kids up with couples I had no clue about. That’s just incredibly creepy. It scares me a bit that it’s based on true events. I get the sentiment though but jeez, you should investigate the couples and possibly the kids too before pairing them up.

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  5. Well, love, you ARE crazy, but not in context of this TV show. Thought I do question why you’d want to watch some cheesy Hallmark holiday show when there are delights such as “Santa’s Slay,” “Krampus,” and that old classic “Silent Night,Deadly Night.” 🙂

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    1. Oh, I’ve been on a horror movie kick as well! (funny enough) but they don’t insight these deep questions of life, love, child trafficking and time travel… Only Hallmark, in their infinite wisdom, can instill such deep thought. 😂😂 Seriously… I am DANGEROUSLY addicted to these movies…


  6. I think you hit the nail on the head with the eating children thing. It would be very expensive to feed that many people AND pay them, so trussed up and spit-roasted children would be cheaper, plus she doesn’t then have to pay them. A salt rub and a little garlic and rosemary in the basting oil for a yummy crispy skin is always a winner, and some sausage meat stuffing for that christmasy feel. 😀

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  7. Hmm…this one is much tougher to answer than the time travel things🤔🤔 And it’s early morning and you are trying to make my brain work….sigh…🤔🤔 (lol 😂😂😂😂).
    In the old days…I think people in general were far more trusting (am I saying that I am old now…yes, i gues I am 😂😂). Seriously though…even though I can be a trusting guy once I get to know someone, I have had too many instances where that trust was betrayed. So no…I don’t think I would be able to do this. I’m with Fraggle though: let’s just eat them (gotta love a little bit of crazy at times 😂😂😂).

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    1. … The old days?? Like the mid to late 90s??🤣🤣 I don’t think that was that long ago! (don’t remind me of how long ago it was) 😉 I think the biggest thing (which is funny) is that it was all done on Craig’s List…. Craig’s list got a but of a shady reputation in my neck of the woods. There wasn’t enough moderation on it so, you could literally find ANYTHING on there…. Even some things you may not want to find! 🤣

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  8. Yeah, I’m kind of scared of random Craigslist stuff, too, so this is a bit too much to think about, especially with children involved. Leave it to Hallmark to try to make it into a sweet story! 😂 Loved your question and reading through this post – best part about it!

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