Juicy Lucy…. Misogyny in the ’50s and the Fred & Ethel Mystery #ILoveLucy #misogyny #cocktail

Hello All! So, I know that it's no longer technically "Women's History Month". But, pandemic. All rules are out the window in this Mad Max society. So, deal with it. I've been binge watching "I Love Lucy" and, being Women's History Month, I thought this was the perfect time for this post! First of all...... Continue Reading →

What the F@*k?! The Question of Profanity (This post may offend some delicate sensibilities)

I have, as of late, been trying to figure out people rating profanity. As in, one "bad word" is worse than all the rest. T.V stations that will bleep out one word but not another, people who will say some things but view other's as taboo. My clearest recollection of an instance like this was... Continue Reading →

But I Digress… Hallmark Movie Questions Part 2: Finding Families? Or Pimping out Children?

Welcome back to another But I Digress.... Hallmark Christmas Movie Edition!! Man, the deep questions that these movies cause me to ask!! Question #2 came from My One Christmas Wish   Seriously, am I getting jaded? I used to watch these movies and just take them for what they were. Now, I keep questioning things!... Continue Reading →

But I Digress…. Hallmark Movie Questions Part 1: Life Changing Decisions after Time Travel… Fair, or Unfair??

Hello All! Any of my regular readers and anyone who I have been following for a while will have noticed that I've been far less present lately with posting and visiting! It's been pretty crazy here this season!! I promise I'll be back to full form in the New Year when life has settled..... Does... Continue Reading →

Out of This World Blogger Award!!

I stole this header picture from Munch Reviews, thank you, Maddie!! (I actually stole it from google, but funny enough it was sited as coming from you!! Ha ha!! What sare the odds?!)   Thanks so much to Fiction no Chaser who nominated me for this award! Please go check out their blog where they ALSO... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Thanks so much to Sim over at Sim's Jollies and Jaunts  who nominated me for this award! Everyone should check out her blog!! It's WONDERFUL!! RULES Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive... Continue Reading →

But I Digress….The Christmas Tag

  I know this isn't about books OR booze...but, I digress... I saw this post over with Shyra at "On the Midnight Train" https://www.onthemidnighttrain.com/blogmas-day-9-the-christmas-tag/ and decided to answer it myself!! Feel free to do the same, or to comment below with your own answers! Hello Friends! Here is a quick and fun Christmas Tag, feel free... Continue Reading →

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