But, I Digress… Beautiful People “in Love”

Hello All!

It’s been a good while since I’ve had a good and proper “But, I Digress…” rant, so I thought I would get back to it!

I’ve been reading a lot of romance novels lately… Must be the season. But, reading so many in a row has me a little disheartened. Why is it that it’s always the perfect specimens that seem to find love??

Now, I know that you have your unique books where that may not exactly be the case (I.e. Bridget Jones), but it definitely seems to be the VAST majority!

Do people get some sort of weird thrill reading about people with perfect bodies having sex?

“His taut body”

“Her lithe one”

“He removed his shirt revealing his hard abs, and she couldn’t stop herself from running her fingers down them.”

“He trailed his lips along her perfect, smooth skin.”

I mean, where is the realism?? Don’t normal Joe and Jill Blo’s fall in love and have sex? (ok. Maybe not in that order… πŸ˜‰)

Where are the sentences like,

“Her hand caressed the hair on his chest, descending to the curve of his beer belly before continuing their travels…”


“He ran his hands down the cellulite on her thighs”

Now, THAT seems more realistic to me!!

I’ve also noticed that everyone in these books seem to have FABULOUS jobs! They all work in some high powered position, or they don’t seem to work at all and just have money, magically. Doesn’t your low payed Starbucks barista, or grocery clerk get to find love, as well?? Honestly, I’m not reading these books thinking “awwwww…. That actor and high powered ad exec make heaps of money, but they don’t have love!! I’m SO SAD for them!!”

Am I the only one who feels this way?? Any other thoughts or feelings on this matter?

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      1. Hm. I don’t know how you can read deep, heavy novels all the time. Sometimes, I just need something mindless! Poor romance authors who toil for their trade just to have book snobs deem them “crap”! 😘 (P.S. You know I love you!)
        (P.P.S what ever happened to our Sexy Sundays?? πŸ˜…)

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    1. Exactly! I love a little fluff in my life! Everyone needs to turn their brain off now and again…. But, I also like to relate to characters on some level! I just couldn’t care about these people and the fact that they didn’t have EVERYTHING! πŸ˜‚


  1. Hahahaha. Love the memes in this one. When not so pretty people get together and get lucky, it’s called ‘contemporary fiction’ and not ‘romance’. LOL
    I see the sun has finally arrived in your corner of the universe.

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    1. I’ve read contemporary fiction as well…. From what I’ve read, they’re just the pretty people with good jobs.
      Case and point “the hating game” and even “the dating proposal”. In the dating proposal she’s just a pretty girl with autism. Doesn’t change the descriptions of her “stunning looks”! I still stand by my “only stunners can find love”! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. Hahaha. I still think those books you’re describing there fall into β€˜contemporary romance’. πŸ˜‚
        I read an article once that claimed even when a book has a a supposedly not pretty female lead, she always gets a hot guy. So the essence of the article was that girls can be less attractive but guys must always be good-looking to get the books sold. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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  2. I read somewhere that 50 Shades of Gray would have been a whole lot less successful if Christian was a blue collar guy with a beer belly and I tend to agree. I guess money and hotness tend to appeal to the market en mass so they are always in!

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    1. Well, 50 shades just bored me to death… My sister got me to read the 1st one. If she “shattered” or “looked through her lashes” one more time I was going to hurl the book (and my lunch) across the room! 🀣🀣

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  3. That cuts close!

    When I was in my late 20s I had that problem. I’d packed on so many inches around my chest I had to buy new clothes. The obvious solution was not to wear any but I realized that wouldn’t be appreciated either my neighbors or management.

    Today the problem isn’t my chest…

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    1. LMAO!! Clothing is ALWAYS a problem!! (or the lack there of…) people don’t seem to understand. I feel your pain since a very Christian family with young children moved in beside me. Apparently I’m a heathen for not wanting to wear clothing on my own property. In my own BACKYARD! Some people don’t like tan lines… I’d say the UPS guy learned that the hard way… But, I don’t think he minded. πŸ˜…

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    1. The theory is that plain people all want to be beautiful. They all want perfect partners, even if they are imperfect themselves.

      Romance, as a genre is a fantasy. Readers are supposed to project themselves into the protagonist role. Almost all romance is formulaic this way. It is an easy formula to follow and it sells.

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      1. Thank you!!! Those things defy gravity! Yes, I’m sure your F-cups just stand up because your super pointy nipples just put them at perfect balance with the rest of the universe… 🀣🀣 Plus, most women I know with breasts like that HATE THEM! Because, they are just pains… No defying gravity involved. Lol!


  4. hhaha very true. and the plot often revolves around character flaws which still allows them to have the fantastic jobs (HOW…??) Or they are described as so shy they literally don’t do anything and have no interest or opinions of their own but have a crazy best friend??

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