Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 1- The Architecture

Hello All!!!

Well, I’m back in business and I’m going to be visiting all of you again! I’VE MISSED YOU ALL!!! So, be prepared for some crazy Nicole antics on ALL of your blogs!

Well, as “The BookWorm Drinketh”, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go somewhere with some of the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD!!! AND, to go to the REAL Oktoberfest!!! (Sorry Kitchener/Waterloo…. I don’t think you’ll ever compare to the real thing….)

Time to tell you all about it!

Munich is gorgeous. Safe, efficient, BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldn’t believe how good everyone is in a place with over 500,000 people in one place where they only serve beer a LITRE at a time!


But first, THE ARCHITECTURE!!!  From Old Town, to Marine Platz, out to Tegernsee, Germany has some amazing buildings!!







The best had to be the bar that is………

A BOAT!!!! Yes, that’s right folks! You can go and drink on a boat… on a bridge over the middle of the street!! If you ever go to Munich, you definitely need to make the M.S. Utting on the bridge Lagerhausstrasse a must see.  And, the view!!

Not to mention the tiny cargo container village they have in the back where you can buy food!

Join me tomorrow for Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 2- The BrauHauses!!

20 thoughts on “Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 1- The Architecture

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      1. It’s a work out!! Wish I had gotten a pic of the servers there, though. I didn’t have my phone there and had to rely on someone else to take pics for me. But, the servers there carry about 6-8 of the 1 litre steins in their hands… Full. Sometimes they bring them on trays and have the trays stacked on top of each other. So, about 5 or so to a tray, and 2 trays stacked! It was WILD!!

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  1. Great pics and glad you are home safe with such super memories. We did an Ocktoberfest Sunday in Crown Point at the Off-Square Brewery. Loved the band, the beer, and the food. I thought it couldn’t get better than that. Maybe I was wrong?

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    1. Not better. But, definitely different!! You’ll have to check out my post tomorrow to compare!! I don’t have a HUGE amount of pics from actually being at Oktoberfest the night we were celebrating. We didn’t want to bring our phones…. Or, anything really, in case of drunken blackouts… Which was a great plan! 🤣 But, the friend we were staying with got some good pics, and I went back another night for the rest.


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