Memories of Munchen: My Trip to Germany Part 2- The BrauHauses

How do you visit Germany without hitting some amazing historic Breweries?? YOU DON’T!!

First up was Hofbrauhaus in Old Town!


It’s funny how unassuming all of the buildings are! Every time we went to check out a new brauhaus the outside would look so boring, while the inside would be so beautiful and enormous! Most of them holding more than 1400 people (and I try not to complain when our Brewery is full at a capacity of approximately 200 people when all the areas are open!).


Then it was off to Tegernsee Tal. I already showed you, in my last post, how BEAUTIFUL the scenery is around there!! If you missed it, check it out HERE!



Then, Giesinger. Even the walk there was amazing… Germany has such respectable citizens that even their graffiti is art!



And, I can’t complain about the view of the Eisbach River!


Then, the Brewery itself which is actually fairly small and quaint. Newly opened and already going strong!!



Then, on to Augustiner Brau!! Because, I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to visit Munich and NOT check out their Brewery!


All in all, I didn’t do too bad for the few days that I had!! Join me tomorrow for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! ….or not. “The BookWorm Drinketh” takes on Oktoberfest in Munich!! I will say, IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE!!

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      1. 😀 I’ve had such a hectic life, but I’m getting back to writing (workin on a very long article now) so you should have lots of new stuff to read soon 😛 Lol. I really missed your music mondays but I somehow keep missing them

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